11 Best Gaming Headsets for PC and Console Gamers in 2017

When it comes to gaming, having the ultimate graphics is not everything. In order to get the feeling of a reality simulation, extraordinary audio is also very essential. In terms of gear, you need to have the best headset to supplement your gaming experience. From impressive sound clarity, crucial noise reduction and depth in the distance pinpointing to comfortable ear pads. Choose the best gaming headset, wireless or cord attached, that can make your game seem real. Consider the essentialities at first while choosing the perfect gaming headset for your gaming setup.

It is imperative to have a gaming headset that is compatible with your console, depending on whether you use an Xbox, PlayStation or even a PC. There are headphones that give you both supreme noise reduction capacity and crystal clear sound although you may have to choose between the two on certain occasions. You would also need to consider other aspects of battery life, mic input clarity, availability of easy configuration modules or even the range of wireless connectivity before you settle for the best. To make your job easier, we have come up with a list of best gaming headsets. This list would give help you know about some of the best headphones available in the market.

Let’s have a look at the best gaming headsets compatible with Xbox one, Playstation 4 and PC Desktop.


SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming Headset

By SteelSeries

The Siberia 800 is designed to deliver the best sound that can be expected from one of the top quality gaming headsets on the market. This particular headphone is meant to be absolutely lag-free along with low latency coupled with at least three Dolby surround sound technologies. The Siberia 800 is supposed to be used on all platforms, from gaming consoles like Xbox One, Playstation 4 to your PC or even smartphone. When you really want to have the real taste of the sound quality that the Siberia 800 has to offer, try adjusting the audio with its stylish OLED display or through the controls on the headset itself.

Another fantastic feature that can be considered while searching for the best wireless headphones is its interchangeable batteries that come with a built-in charger, how cool is that! Whenever you are busy crushing your opponent on multiplayer, it is essential for you to have uninterrupted communication with your teammates. Therefore the Chat Mix and Live Mix, customizable control system, installed by SteelSeries is the perfect way for you to strike a balance between audio and chat. The SteelSeries Siberia 800 is not only a wireless gaming headset but also comes with a cable that makes it even more convenient and efficient battery saving.

In order to ensure crystal clear sound, the Siberia 800 cuts the cord that enables it to deliver a cutting edge performance and exceptional audio that is compatible with every available platform. Equipped with a minimum of three Dolby features like the Dolby headphones, Dolby Digital and the Dolby Pro Logic IIx, this fantastic gaming headset enables you to immerse yourself in its bombastic 7.1 surround sound. The Siberia 800 by the SteelSeries is mean to be used on all audio platforms, and its competitive quality places it amongst the Xbox one headphones or the best PS4 headsets that are available in the market. It also comes with a Sound Share port just in case you want to share its incredible audio output with some of your friends. It is completely lag free thanks to its frequency hopping technology that deliberately avoids interference while switching to a channel. It is the only headphone on the market with a fixed latency with delivers smooth and consistent audio.

Stylish matte black look with a glossy finish
Customizable OLED transmitter
On-earcup adjustment for quick control
Designed to be both elegant and versatile, the Siberia 800 professional gaming headset is truly and all-rounder and is compatible with all sorts audio platforms.

HyperX Cloud II Headset for PS4, Xbox & PC Gaming

HyperX Cloud II Headset for PS4, Xbox & PC Gaming

By HyperX

If you are planning to buy a wireless gaming headset that is specially designed for Xbox One or the Playstation 4, then the Hyper X Cloud II is an awesome choice for you to make. It is armed and ready, for a High-End gaming experience, because of its USB sound card audio control box that is meant to amplify its audio output. Its amazing 7.1 surround sound ads that spectacular detail in sound that you have been missing while gaming at High Definition. Hyper X has been aiming at the giving all gamers the best experience in high performance, quality gaming supplemented by a supremely aesthetic design since 2002. Hyper X has been rated and preferred by gamers to be the best choice when it comes to buying the best headphone for gaming. It provides the next-generation surround sound quality with distance and depth detailing, with the help of which you can virtually pinpoint the exact location of your enemy and strike before they can react, a dream come true for all gamers!


The Hyper X Cloud II comes equipped with a microphone that features noise cancellation, auto-gain control functionality and echo cancellation due to its digitally enhanced USB sound card. With this, you can experience refined voice quality, reduced background noise along with auto-increase in in-game sound that facilitates optimal team communication. With the help of its 53mm drivers enrich your gaming experience with superior voice clarity and crystal low, mid and high tones along with increased bass with gives you the essence of owning one of the top gaming headsets. It also serves as an excellent PC headphone because of its pro-gaming optimised USB for PCs and Macs along with 3.1 mm stereo which is compatible with both PS4 and Xbox One.

Its elegantly placed closed-cups assist with active noise reduction so that you can be sure that nothing distracts you while you are invading ancient ruins surrounded by hostiles. The Hyper X Cloud II comes with an on-and-off audio control toggle with an internal sound card DSP for enhanced sound as well as independent dials for volume control. The entire package of the Hyper X Cloud II is accessorised with an aeroplane adapter, leatherette and also velour ear cushions as well as a travel-friendly mesh bag.

Teamspark Certified. Guaranteed sound quality and no audible echoes
Memory foam pads for enhanced comfort
Advanced audio control for added convenience
The Hyper X Cloud II is the official headset of Intel Extreme Masters, and its superior quality is unmatched when it comes to gaming as it guarantees negligible interference.

Sennheiser PC 360 Pro Gaming Headset with Noise-Cancelling Mic

Sennheiser PC 360 Pro Gaming Headset with Noise-Cancelling Mic

By Sennheiser

Sennheiser has always had the ambition to achieve one thing, that is, to stay true to the sound and soul, and to provide pure emotion and excitement to all of its users. Its quality and brand trust has always occupied the broad spectrum of gamers and also music lovers, as one of the best PC headsets. When it comes to gaming, the PC 360 is a tough competitor to beat as inculcates state of the art technology in sound clarity and noise reduction, in order to provide professional performance and more natural sound. It’s trending open acoustic design allows circulation of air and delivers a more natural sound pleasurable to all audiophiles. It has been developed by the professionals in the e-Sports with the advantage of ultra sound detailing so that you can hear the exact moves of your enemy before seeing them.

It can be considered that the PC 360 is an all-rounder when it comes to the best headphones for gaming as it has a broad range of features. It is compatible with all sorts of personal computers, from desktops to laptops and can also be used with your Xbox or Playstation via an adapter. Its Hi-Tech noise cancelling microphones allows crystal clear game talk while its legendary Sennheiser speakers deliver that extra boom you need. The PC 360 is specifically recommended for its elegant acoustic design that helps you keep a relaxed mind while gaming due to increased air circulation. There is also a manual voice control dial included o the ear cup, and you can activate auto-mute on the microphone just by raising it. Its aesthetic design enables ultra soft ear-pads for impressive adjustability and cushioned comfort.

Extremely comfortable XXL Cushioned ear cups
Equipped with noise cancelling microphones
Aesthetic design facilitates air circulation
If you are searching for exceptional comfort and professional audio output the PC 360 designed by Sennheiser has been manufactured specifically to suit your needs.

Turtle Beach 800X Xbox One Wireless Gamer Headset

Turtle Beach 800X Xbox One Wireless Gamer Headset

By Turtle Beach

The Turtle Beach Headset is one of the best gaming headsets available in the market that combine innovation and class. It is wireless, so you needn’t handle the hassle that comes with tangled wires. This is not an ordinary gaming headphone that comes with a superhuman hearing feature that lets you hear everything under the sun. If you are a hardcore gamer, this is the perfect Xbox one gaming headset as it allows you to hear if your enemy is loading their gun or someone is planning to attack from the ambush. Further, this headphone comes with Bluetooth connectivity that makes it very easy to connect to mobile and tablet devices besides streaming music while you are gaming. This headphone also comes with a sleek and magnetic charging stand that makes it fully charged in minutes, and it has a long lasting battery capacity of ten hours. This is really a nice feature and is what most gaming lovers are looking for. Further, the DTS Headphone comes with surround sound capacity that and EQ audio makes the stage perfect for enhancing of your games and movies.

This is one of the most preferred surround sound headphones that is fully compatible with Xbox and PS4 and is the perfect gaming headset well within your reach. So, you can quickly set it up with your Xbox and PS4 consoles without any fuss. This is an actively noise cancelling game set that has mic monitoring – you do not need to shout, just speak, and you would be heard. It has dynamic chat boost that you can use to communicate plans to your team members. The device also has multiple tension points, and it helps you reduce the pressure the ear cushions exert on yourself.

It makes sure you do not feel being crumpled after constant hours of play and fun! It has a comfortable fit that comes with brilliant multi-layered sound quality and is an added benefit for people with glasses; allowing you to enjoy the game with comfort. The headphone is extremely comfortable and worth the money. This is also compatible with all mobile devices and gaming devices. It comes with an easy to store case that protects and preserves the top-notch quality of your gaming headphone when not in use. It has genre-specific presets to make your gaming experience or watching a movie and listening to music enhanced and startling.

Bluetooth connectivity to stream music
Long lasting battery
Actively noise cancelling gaming headset that optimises your performance
If you are willing to make an investment that enhances your gaming experience, end your search here.

Razer Kraken 7.1 Surround Sound Light Weight Headphones

Razer Kraken Light Weight 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones

By Razer

This Razer Surround Sound Headphones is the best PC gaming headset available in the market ideal for hardcore gamers and tech-savvy people. This allows total gaming audio immersion that enhances the sound performance. It is an active noise cancelling headphone that allows crystal clear communication, and it is an exclusive gaming headset suited to Xbox and PS4 users and all mobile devices. Exclusively designed for game lovers, this comes with surround sound engine that has unibody aluminium frame to support and extend its usage for extended periods of time, which is quite crucial if you are planning to play for long hours.

This best wireless headset allows pinpointing positional audio feature that comes with razor Chroma lighting of customizable light colours. This is a gaming headset that maximises comfort, reduces stress and eliminates fatigue and exhaustion. This ensures that you can play for long hours with ease.

This good gaming headphone allows you to customise the surround sound feature to your listening preferences, which is a really handy feature. If you are a hardcore gamer, this is the best choice you could opt for. It allows you to listen to the dimmest of sounds if your enemy is loading his gun or if someone is hurling towards you for an attack. This is a fully retractable microphone that comes with active mic noise cancellation capacity to enhance sound and feel. This improved headphone of the company is made of bauxite aluminium. It comes with 50mm audio drivers that are custom tuned for balanced in –game audio that enhances the sound quality and performance. This allows precision and is highly lightweight, and is quite a good headset in this price range. This is extremely flexible a headset that lets you do much more than any ordinary gaming headphone.

When you are playing, you do not deserve to be distracted even by the slightest noise that comes from the outside world and breaks your illusion. This gaming headset cancels all outside and background noise that make communication an easy and smooth business. Enhance your experience of watching a movie or listening to top-notch music with this PC headset that comes with an attractive appearance and is extremely convenient and durable for extended periods of time. It is not heavy and doesn’t put your head under pressure after hours of being engaged.

Custom tune-in feature that enhances hearing quality
Lightweight, portable and absolutely wireless
Noise cancelling capacity that makes hearing a better experience
If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks for a great sound experience and engage in a great gaming session, this flexible headphone is the one you should go for.

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset

By SteelSeries

This Steel-Series headphone is one of the best gaming headsets ideal for hardcore gamers or music lovers. It comes in a sleek, modern and attractive appearance that enthrals and excites you when you hold it. It features special AirWeave ear cups that are exclusively athletically designed which enhance comfort and convenience for extended periods of time, which is quite amazing for any gaming lover. The headband comes with ski goggle suspension band that are perfectly contoured and are extremely lightweight and portable. This is such a great gaming headphones that eliminates all pressure points. This is an exclusive ear cupped design that is lightweight and helps you forget if you are wearing them.

This wireless headset for PC is the best you would get for the money. This comes with clearcast microphone uses a bi-directional device that provides unmatched sound quality and ensures full noise cancellation of background. This comes with Surround Sound quality that allows you to immerse yourself in the magic of gaming and listening to movies. This is engineered with an S1 Audio driver that ensures to deliver most balanced soundscape feature with unmatched sound clarity. If you are travelling, you can easily retract the mic into the earcup to keep it safe and secure. This multi-platform headphone is compatible with all mobile devices, and you can take it easily wherever you go. This superb headset allows you to customise and personalise every aspect of your Artis from surround sound settings to audio profiles. If you are in the midst of a fiery gaming session and hate to be distracted by minute noises that go on outside, this is the perfect gaming headset worth the money that cancels all noise from the background. This is a DTS headphone that is suited to Windows 7 and updates.

This provides a detailed and balanced soundscape with excellent clarity that enhances and excites your music or gaming performances. The headphone is suited to a multitude of platforms and compatible with all gaming devices and mobile devices. This best cheap gaming headset allows stereo audio features for Mac, PS4, Xbox, ONE, Nintendo Switch, VR and all mobile devices, which is really cool as you do not have to worry about buying a separate one for each console. It provides extreme comfort and convenience and can be used for extended periods of time – quite important feature any gaming lover looks for. You can use it with a wireless feature or a wire feature. This athletically designed headphone is the best one could opt for. It comes in three different attractive colours that are modern and stylish in appearance.

Athletically designed to enhance performance
Compatible with all devices
If you choose a headset that cancels all noise and is exclusively designed in an athletic manner with AirWeave ear cups, this is what you must opt for.

Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ Wireless Xbox One Gaming Headphones

Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ Wireless Xbox One Gaming Headphones

By Turtle Beach

For a passionate gamer, it is a must to have; the Stealth 420X+ Wireless Gaming Headphones is one the best wireless headset. It has every possible EQ Audio presets one could ever want. The natural sound, bass boost, Bass and treble boost and vocal boost conclude a fantastic Xbox one gaming headset. The sturdy black frame of the headphone has a handsome combination of synthetic leather padding on the inside of the headband. The amazing sound quality that this Xbox one gaming headset provides you with offers an advantage over your opponents. There is a voice prompt which confirms when your switch on and off the superhuman hearing feature. With this masterpiece of a headset, you would know if the enemy is preparing an ambush or any other vital information that could save your life in the game. The voice quality of the gaming headset lets you hear every minuscule voice you could have missed with a normal headphone.

The mic connected to the headset is removable and Omni-directional, catching your voice from any angle while playing. Also, you do not have to bark orders or shout at your partners as it plays your voice back. You can hear yourself through the headphones which make the sounds so realistic and natural, that you will feel like you are inside the game. A crystal clear voice experience that too in a wireless gaming headset! That does not mean it has poor connectivity. Such amazing features, but that is not the end, the Stealth 420X+ has a battery life of 15 hours or more. It really goes beyond expectations. Connect it to your tablet or phone while watching a movie or listening songs, which allows you to use it as a normal headphone only with greater, sound quality.

The Battery life is long up to 15 hours.
Removable and an omnidirectional mic to reduce your efforts while gaming.
Wireless connectivity with the console, however, it has a cable to attach to phone or tablet.
If you keep the headphones charged, they will never give up during a crucial moment. With these wireless gaming headset get ready to hear footsteps of your enemies from far away, no more of you being ambushed by any of your enemies.

ASTRO Gaming Neon A40 Computer Gaming Headset –

ASTRO Gaming Neon A40 Computer Gaming Headset -

By ASTRO Gaming

Producing sound effects and noises from 20 hertz to 21 k Hertz, the ASTRO Gaming neon A-40 gaming headset has gone beyond expectations. That covers, even more, frequencies that the human ear can hear. The ASTRO A-40 has paid particular interest in improving the sound quality of its headphone at such affordable price. The thick pad at the ear reduces stress. With circumaural ear couplings, all the noise from your surroundings is blocked out with large pads that enclose around your ear. The circumaural design is used to block noise from the surroundings which help you concentrate on the game and also, they reduce the stress around your ears. The over-ear cushions are an ultimate fit over your ears and allow you to be comfortable for hours while playing. The magnetic speaker tags are customisable which helps you to easily alter your style on the A-30 or A-40 gaming headset. Also, you could give your set up a makeover by designing your tags at their online speaker card customizer. This computer headset comes with a dozen impressive features, the style, the colour and overall quality of the gaming headset appeals to the gamers.

The ASTRO A-40 gaming headset is designed with superior material and made for your comfort. There is a mute and volume control button right on the cable. There is a carrying case that is available with the ASTRO gaming headset which makes it very convenient to carry it from place to place. Whether you want to play in your living room or at your friend's place, damaging your headphones is not an issue anymore. ASTRO has been working closely with professional players and gamers to understand the needs of a gamer better and thus producing gaming headphones which are the best gaming headsets. The audio designers have built a swappable cable system in the headphones. A hassle free connection by the media cable plug which clicks right into the headphone by a 4-pole jack which is about 3.5 mm and is analogue. The cable is about 6 feet long which is long enough.

Easy to call or pick up button on the gaming headset making.
Multi-purpose, can be used for watching movies, listening movies, attending calls.
Attractive features like an in-line mute switch, volume control wheel and an in-line microphone.
If you can afford to buy a mix amp, the ASTRO A-40 has no setback; you can boast all about your score with these headsets on your side.

Turtle Beach X12 USB Headphones for Xbox & PC Gaming

Turtle Beach X12 USB Headphones for Xbox & PC Gaming

A beast in all the gaming headsets, brace yourself for the best gaming experience ever! The Turtle Beach X12 USB Headphones is not just all looks; it is all about sound quality and premium gaming experience. It is very different in its design with large paddings on both ear cups; the Turtle Beach X12 fits comfortably on any ear size. The gaming headphones are a little rigid but not uncomfortable. It is a definite yes for all the gamers out there. If you have been using some other headphones while playing with your friends, try this one for a while, you will notice the adjustable mic.

The mic is present at a bendable coil which allows it rotate up and down. You can adjust it according to your need.  The massive 50 mm speakers are highly impressive, as they enable you to hear everything crystal clear. With all the feature features like in-line amplifier makes you stay in control of your game and provide unparalleled audio quality. The X12 gaming headset will change your life as a gamer forever. The bombastic sound effects that the gaming heads provide you make you realise that there were voices you never even heard before. The sound tracks, bass and treble of the sound you hear will be in perfect proportion and sync.

With adjustable chat volume, bass control and such other features, you can be in total control of your game. If you like to play on your PC, you could connect your gaming headset without any hassle; they are without a doubt the best headphones for PC. These gaming headphones can be attached to your Xbox, making it a must in your shopping list. There are soft ear cushions which are made of soft fabric mesh that cover your ear to provide comfort and ease during long gaming hours. Unlike other headphones, the designers and company took particular notice the way they design their headphones. Now you can play and compete for hours without causing any damage to your ears.

Lightweight and comfortable for long gaming hours.
There is no batteries requirement, USB powered.
Various sound controls for better communication.
Good headsets are hard to find. However, the premium quality of this gaming headphone makes it one of the best gaming headsets. The astonishing features are hard to come at such exceptional price as this one does.

Creative Sound Headphones with Detachable Noise-Cancelling Mic

Creative Sound Headphones with Detachable Noise-Cancelling Mic

By Creative

There are certain problems which you can understand only if you are a die-hard gamer. One of them is picking the right product for your set-up. It gets confusing to select the right one when there are so many in the market. If you are going through the same finding, your new gaming headphones then consider Creative sound headphones with detachable noise-cancelling mic. This product is launched in the market as the successor of Creative Faltal1ty, which already is a well-known product.

The company once again tried to woo its customers with their latest release. Original Sound Headphones with detachable noise-cancelling mic are well build with excellent specifications. Sturdy and comfortable in the design, these headphones also offer a great sound quality. It is totally your thing to buy if you are into immersion gaming. The quality of sound is excellent, and you can easily track every in-game activity with these headphones on, making your experience more real. When it comes to the mic, well it is already a hit because it is detachable. You can keep it aside whenever it is not in use, avoiding the unnecessary clutter.

The mic is best for noise cancellation and works wonders when you cannot get rid of your loud surroundings. Using this, you can focus entirely on your game completely forgetting the outside disturbances. These are perfect for long hours as weight is very light and the ear cushions are soft. The headband is extendable making it easier for you to adjust them according to your head size.  To make your gameplay experience better, the cable has control knobs on it for adjusting the volume. This is exciting as you need not reach out for your console every time you find a need to increase/decrease the volume; you have the control in your hands. This actually is a great help because once you start playing, you cannot afford to take your eyes off the screen.

Best sound quality in the price range
Control knobs to make volume adjustments easily
Noise cancellation allowing you to focus solely on your game
The Creative sound headphones with detachable noise-cancelling mic are very economical and live up to their cost. A great pick if your primary objective is immersion gaming and you do not want to spend much on purchasing a headphone.

Mad Catz Tritton ARK 100 Amplified Stereo RGB Headset

Tritton Warhead 7.1 Dolby Wireless Surround Sound Headset for Xbox

By Mad Catz

At times like this when the world is going crazy for the gaming accessories, no wonder you always have to go through much research before setting your mind to one product. Well, if you want to buy a pair of nice gaming headphones and are going through the same then rest your search with Tritton Warhead 7.1 Dolby Wireless Surround Sound headphones. These extraordinary headphones will give you everything you can ask for as a gamer.

An absolute delight for the Xbox owners, these headphones are economic and guarantee you the best gaming experience of your life. An advanced 5.8 GHz wireless technology offers you the finest sound quality comparing to all other available headphones in this range which operate at the industry standards of 2.4 GHz. The wireless signal generated at 5.8 GHz ensures an interference-free operation by sidestepping the potential disturbances. The low crowded frequency used, tune the signal and provide superior audio at a range of 33 feet. The 7.1-channel surround sound used in these headphones, promises you the most immersive gaming experience.

This technology enhances the sound, making it possible for you to precisely detect the direction from where it is coming which, in turn, gives you an edge to locate your enemies long before they can feel your presence. The use of precision-tuned 50mm speakers which feature Neodymium magnets further improves your gaming session. The first headphones to be truly called wireless, Tritton Warhead 7.1 Dolby wireless headsets enable you to enjoy the kind of freedom which you have never experienced in gaming before. One more feature which is to be looked out for in Tritton Warhead 7.1 Dolby wireless headphones is its battery support system. The two rechargeable batteries with one battery are always charging at the base station; you can only go on and on playing 24/7. The very attractive outlook of the product adds to its overall value.

5.8Ghz wireless frequency ensuring an excellent sound quality
7.1-channel Dolby surround system
Two rechargeable batteries with in-stand charger
All in all, if you want to enjoy a comfortable game without being worried of the controller tethered over your head, then this wireless gaming headphone is the right product for you.

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Buyers Guide Questions

Are Gaming Headsets compatible with all gaming consoles?

This is one question which probably is messing the heads of most of the gaming lovers. The reason behind this is gaming being an expensive affair. Not only the platforms but each equipment costs a huge sum of money. Most of the people who enjoy playing games own more than one console, this get messier when the different equipment supports the different consoles. Considering that a nice pair of gaming headphones has cost you a good amount of money and then knowing that these will not go well with every console, is obviously traumatising.

Well, there is no ideal gaming headset which is compatible with all gaming consoles. However, to save your disappointment, this situation comes with a limitation. There are limited headphones models which go well with different platforms without compromising the quality standards of various games.


The gaming industry has grown manifolds. There are so many leading companies standing against each other in competition. This scenario, to an extent, has complicated the things further. The companies design their products in a manner that they cannot be swapped and you need to use their products for their platform. If you want to use a headset on more than one console, then you have to select a headphone from some operational companies which make products supporting your needs. Now, talking of the consoles, there are four major consoles in the gaming world; PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U and these often do not support the same headsets.

These are the limitations you need to keep in mind when you are searching for a headphone which can support these gaming platforms.

Wireless Headset Connections

Wireless set is one attractive option for cross-console headsets. With a little effort, some of the wireless headset models can be used with the multiple consoles. Many HD televisions provide universal digital audio out port which is an advantage to you. However, mostly, in standard televisions this single universal connector is not included, here you can use the swapping cables method for multiple console gaming.

Swapping Cables

A small collector box makes wireless headphones suitable for multiple consoles. This connector box allows the sound signal to be transmitted to the headset. Swapping the cables between each video game system is an option for you, in case you do not have a universal audio system. This will make one gaming headset to work with different consoles, but you have to deal with the clutter of the cables along with the inconvenience of exposing wires in the open. If you are fine with that, then this is your hack.

Advantage of newer model HDMI sets

These contain a single ‘universal digital audio out port’ which is used to connect headsets to multiple gaming platforms. With the help of HDMI cable, you can connect this port to the input port of transmitter. Then, connect different consoles to the transmitter and enjoy.

Third party headsets

Third party headsets simply mean that a company other than the gaming console maker manufactured the headphone and designed it to be compatible with the various gaming systems. There are mainly three types of third party headsets: USB, wired, and wireless. The different consoles use different ports for audio outputs. You need to pay a little attention to the configuration of the headset you are buying in order to make it work on the different consoles you own.

There is no perfect headset in the market which goes well with every gaming console, but if you are ready to invest a little time, then you can find the right headset which can support different consoles you own. Your money is hard earned, and a quick market research can help you to save a lot of it.

Should my Gaming Headset include a mic?

Once that used to be a solitary hobby or a once in a while thing among friends in a room, gaming is now much more than that. Video games are mostly played online these days, sometimes with friends and mostly with strangers – coming together for a great gaming experience that results in them blowing something up or planning to complete the desired target. Now, since the games are so fiercely competitive these days, it not only requires top quality skills but also cooperation and planning with other team members in order to win the game. Naturally, in order to communicate over such long distances, the device used should offer good communication. Mostly, gamers go for a good headset that has a headphone and a microphone combined with volume controls, all in one device that allows one to communicate with other gamers easily.

While getting a headset that has both – a headphone and a microphone can be a good idea for some, others point out that opting for a separate headphone and a microphone offers a better gameplay experience. The argument that an all-in-one device isn’t great when it comes to performance is a bit flawed and in fact, a headset is the device you should go for because it has so many benefits on offer.

Convenience – A single device allows you to communicate with other team members with ease. The built-in microphone communicates your voice in a sharp, clear tone while the top quality headphone allows you to hear what others have to say – offering a great gaming experience overall.

Multi-functional – A headset allows you to give instructions, take calls or have a Skype chat with ease – allowing you put the headset to good use even while you’re working or doing things other than gaming.

Cost – effective – Although the cost of the headset (or the headphone) depends on the quality and features you’re looking for, it is always a good idea to go for a headset over headphone if you’re looking to set up a budget gaming setup.

Are Gaming Headphones comfortable for long gaming sessions? 

Gaming is an addiction, once you start playing you know no turning off. What starts as one game turns out to be a long streak of games, losing the whole track of time somewhere. Moreover, this happens all the time. Even manufacturers know this very well and therefore, to make your long gaming sessions more fun, the headphones are specially designed taking good care of your comfort.

There is a wide range of the gaming headsets available in the market. You can choose your product as per the requirement. Yes, gaming headphones are comfortable for long gaming sessions but only if selected carefully. Only a comfortable headphone can make your long gaming sessions fun because nobody likes to adjust headsets in between the game throwing all the focus away. There are certain factors which make a gaming headset comfortable for long gaming hours.


Headphones are expensive and in most of the cases is a one-time purchase. Though the design is not something that is most looked out for a suitable design sure will add to the overall gaming experience. A comfortable design is one where all the components are in good proportion. Size should also be taken into consideration when you are selecting the headphones for extended hours of gaming.

Quality of materials

When it comes to comfort, it is a must to check out for the materials used to develop the headsets. In long gaming sessions, you realise that sometimes your ears become hot and you start to feel itchy. To avoid the discomfort, headphones now have adopted the same fabric which is used in the manufacturing of your shoes, in order to let your skin breathe. This adaptation soaks up the sweat and avoids your ears from turning red and hot. The quality of the plastic used to make the structure should also be checked as in the long term the whole body of your headset will get heated up, and if there is no good plastic used then this heat will come directly to your head.

Wight and Padding

A comfortable headphone must be a balance of good design and light weight. Keeping the weight light will make it easy to be used during gaming sessions. A special focus is now given to the padding of the headphones. Newer models are promising great comfort for long gaming sessions. These models are using foam wrapped in the leather for the padding and the very smooth mesh fabric to further add to the ease. For a cool and easy gaming experience, in the long run, you can also go for models with offer washable ear cups. You can remove the ear cups; wash them with soap and water to get rid of the dirt and oil forming a layer over them.

Right Fitting

There is a type of headphones in the marker which are expandable. It is extremely helpful to get the proper fitting of the headphones. Different people have different head sizes, and it gets very complicated to release a model fitting every size. Thus, an expandable gaming headphone is a good pick for long gaming hours where you can easily adjust it as per the requirement. It also ensures the perfect fittings across and around the ears adding to the comfortable wearing style.

A right pick will make all the difference. Select a gaming headphone considering all the relevant specifications, and you will never feel any discomfort during your long gaming sessions.

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There is no great feeling than plugging in a set of new headphones and enjoy hearing the awesome sounds that you had almost learnt to live without. And this is especially true when it comes to your favourite Xbox, PC or Mac games. The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset does not disappoint as it has all the features an average gaming lover is looking for. Right from its impressive sound quality, 53 mm drivers and a detachable microphone; it scores well on all these features. Another good part about this gaming headphone is that it works on all the main gaming platforms, which includes Xbox One, PS4, PC/Mac and mobile. However, to use it with your Xbox One, you need to buy an adapter, but it is still good. The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset also features 7.1 virtual surround sounds through the USB controller and also via the audio jacks. The best feature, however, is its fantastic design which has been the biggest USP of this top quality headphone so far. The device is a plug-and-play one, so requires no software installation or any such thing; making the setup easy. Overall, the cool HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is a good gaming headphone that scores well on all fronts and is our top pick in this segment.

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Finding a gaming headphone that works equally well on all platforms is quite a difficult thing for any gaming lover. The SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming Headset can be a reliable option if you are looking for a headset that offers great performance on all gaming platforms – PS4, Xbox One, PC/Mac and mobile. This headphone’s biggest strength surely isn’t the design, but since you will be using this at your home most of the times, that’s fine. The best part about this top quality headset is the sound quality it offers, which is undoubtedly the best amongst the devices provided in this price range. The audio customization adds to its high quality as well. Although the design isn’t that great to look at, it provides a lot of comfort and convenience, thanks to the soft and pliable ear cups it has. The specs are a lot similar to what its previous model offered, but this headphone is truly a champion and much better regarding performance. The virtual surround sound is good as well. The SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming Headset also allows you to set up game and genre specific audio profiles, making it a premium choice amongst gaming lovers.

Great Value

A good quality headphone truly enhances the gameplay experience, but finding one is really a difficult task. There are so many headsets out there, making it quite difficult to find the one that truly matches or exceeds your expectations. In case you’re looking for a decent gaming headphone at an affordable price, the Creative Sound Blaster Blaze Gaming Headset seems just right. The headset is built out the black matte plastic, which looks good and also ensures some flex for expanding in order to match numerous head sizes. In addition to that, the velvet padding makes it a really comfortable headphone. You can wear it for long hours while playing your favourite games and you won’t feel any inconvenience – at all. When it comes to the audio quality, it performs reasonably well. The 40 mm Full Spectrum drivers work quite well and offer immersive gaming audio. The Creative Sound Blaster Blaze Gaming Headset also features in-line audio and mic controls that come in handy while you’re in the middle of a game. Overall, this lightweight and affordable headset offer a number of great features that make your gaming experience a whole lot better; ensuring good value for money.

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