Best PC Gaming Chair Reviews of 2018

Best Gaming Chairs for 2017

The best PC Gaming Chairs for 2018 will allow you to work, or play on your computer for extended periods of time in comfort. Most hard core gamers will spend a substantial amount of money, time and effort in putting their PC together for the ultimate experience. But having the perfect computer will not be much use if you don’t have the best gaming chair to sit on when playing.

Upgrading your computer is easy, but none of us will be upgrading our spine and posture any time soon, so getting a comfortable seat with an ergonomic design will elevate your experience. In our reviews we look at the height of the backrest, height and size of the arm rests, materials used such as leather or mesh and of course the cost of the chair.

Budget is always a consideration and you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a top chair. Your seat ought to be able to keep you comfortable whether playing or working on your computer. Some will take the form of office chairs, or racing style ones with a lot more features but you also get the most luxury chairs that are more like recliners.

Keeping your body healthy and free of pain is one of the biggest assets of these products. Whether you are a hard-core player, or somebody that spends a lot of time in front of their computer working, the chair you sit on makes an enormous difference to productivity and enjoyment.

1. DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair

best overall ratingDXRacer Formula Series


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The DXRacer is one of the best PC racing style gaming chairs, but one you can use in the office or home office too. Sitting in front of your computer no longer has to be torture, you can avoid all those aches and pains associated with sitting at your computer for long hours playing or working.

It is solidly built with a five star base that is on caster wheels so you can move it from place to place without any difficulty. The high density cold cure foam filling offers a level of comfort all gamers will appreciate and the material used to make the chair is not only breathable but also easy to clean and stain resistant.

You get a free head rest cushion as well as a free lumbar cushion which will add extra support and comfort. The high back is adjustable in height to allow you to sit comfortably no matter what the height of your desk is or how long your legs are. It has a superb tilt action which is lockable into the position that you find most comfortable.

A chair that you can configure to suite your posture and help you to get through those long days of work, or hours of fun playing your favorite types. It may be one of the more pricy racing style chairs on the market but it is also one of the best and well worth the money.

Why We Like It

  • Free lumbar and headrest pillow included
  • High back for ultimate support
  • Height adjustable
  • Durable and easy to maintain

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2. GT Omega Pro Gaming Chair

premium choice ratingGT Omega- PRO Racing


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If you are looking for one of the best most comfortable and stylish types for your office, boardroom or play room, you have found it in the GT Omega Pro Gaming Chair. Height adjustable chair so you can sit comfortably at any desk no matter the height, and it will accommodate both short and tall people with ease.

The adjustable armrests offer great support for your arms, wrists and hands and prevents fatigue while using your tablet or other devices, the arm rests are 4D and are not only height adjustable but rotatable. The tilt lock mechanism allows you to adjust the back rest to suite your own needs, it can also be left unlocked so that the chair will move with you.

A strudy chair with a five star base that is mounted on caster wheels to be able to move the chair around. The synthetic leather material that this racing style chair is made from is easy to clean and stain resistant. The chair is designed to accommodate a capacity of 120kg so it is perfect for both home and office use.

You will also receive a head rest pillow and a lumbar cushion to enhance your comfort levels. Although this chair might fall out of the price range for many, but then if you are going to spend a lot of money on your computer system, you need the best chair you can get, and this one fits that bill perfectly.

Why We Like It

  • Orthopedically and ergonomically designed
  • Adjustable and rotatable armrests
  • Height adjustable
  • Tilt locking mechanism

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3. Akracing AK-5015 Gaming Chair

great value ratingAkracing AK-5015


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A strong, durable and well-made chair from which to enjoy your games that offers comfort and a touch of style, you cannot do better than the Akracing AK-5015 Chair. Be more productive with a chair that will allow you sit for long hours without feeling the aches and pains that you might experience if you used a normal chair.

The chair is solidly built, durable and comfortable. It is designed to accommodate both short and tall people and can fit easily with high or low desks, as it is height adjustable. This racing style chair has a high back with a back angle of 180 degrees. To add to your comfort levels you get a lumbar pillow and a head rest pillow to support your neck, back and shoulders.

A chair that has superb cushioning on the seat and back, you will not feel that annoying numbness on your bottom when sitting for prolonged periods. The tilt action will allow you to lean back and take a break, you can also lock the tilt into any angle you find comfortable. It is a colorful chair that will add a sense of style and verve to your gaming station or office. One of the best qualities of the Akracing AK-5015 Gaming Chair is its price. It is highly affordable and will suite any budget.

Why We Like It

  • Strong and Durable
  • High adjustable back
  • Tilt action
  • Adjustable armrests

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4. X Rocker 51396 Pro Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series


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X Rocker 51396 Pro Gaming Chair is one of the very best chair that is similar to a lounger but it is packed with features. It is a pedestal style chair so it is not on wheels, however it is not a heavy chair so is fairly easy to move around if you need to.

The Feel like you are in involved in the actual activity you are busy with, or movie for that matter with sound right at your ears with the wireless audio sound. The control panel is located on the side of the chair and you can control not only volume, but bass and treble.

You also have input/output jacks and the two speakers are built into the headrest. Ported power subwoofers using Audio Force Modulation Technology gives you clear quality sound. It is compatible with your PS3 and 4 as well as PSP Vita, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Nintendo and your MP3 players as well as smart devices such as iPad and iPhone.

The chair can also connect to your LCD and Plasma flat screen TVs, DVD players or stereo systems. You can control everything from your comfortable chair and play competitively by linking your chair to others. Taking part in tournaments is easy and the comfort level the chair gives can give you an advantage over your competitors.

The material used to make the chair is bonded leather, so it is easy to clean and stain resistant. It is a great looking chair that will compliment your living room or entertainment area, and although it is a rather large chair, it does not take up too much room.

Why We Like It

  • Built in speakers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built in control panel
  • Compatible with popular gaming consoles

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5. GM Seating Ergolux Gaming Chair

GM Seating-Ergolux


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The GM Seating Ergolux Executive Hi Swivel Chair is an executive chair that gives off an aura of professionalism. The chair speaks to style and class, it is designed with a high back and separate head rest for ultimate comfort. The automatic lumbar support system is perfect for those with lower back issues and the back rest can be adjusted and locked into a high or low position to suite any person sitting in it.

The tilt action will flow with your body, or you can lock it into any position that you find comfortable. The 3D armrests can be adjusted from side to side, or up and down. The seat itself is also adjustable to accommodate both short or tall people but making the seat deeper or shallower.

The 360 degree swivel will allow you to take in the whole room without having to move it around. Should you want to move the chair, the five star base is solid and also on caster wheels. The GM Seating Ergolux Executive Hi Swivel Chair is for the executive that is looking for something different with a classic style that is enduring.

Although it does come with a reasonably high price tag, it is well worth the money, being elegant and stylish while offering you ultimate comfort. Despite its price it is a must have in your office or at your workstation at home if you value style and comfort above all.

Why We Like It

  • Made from genuine calf skin leather
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable slide seat

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6. Merax Fantasy Gamers Seat

Merax Fantasy Series Pink


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The Merax Fantasy Gaming Chair is fun, funky and offers a very high level of comfort. It is height adjustable to accommodate even the tallest of people. The adjustability also offers the ability to use it at any desk no matter what the height of the desk is.

The adjustable armrests will allow you to work with your tablet or phone providing support to arms, wrists and hands, or if you are working at your desk, you can tuck them away beneath the desk out of the way.The tilt on the Merax is really phenomenal, you can go from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, the chair has tilt action is lockable so you can set it to your most comfortable angle and lock it into place.

The padded pillow on the head rest is removable. With the chair you also get a lumbar pillow to give you added lower back support, all of this adds up to a very comfortable chair that will allow you to sit for long hours. Due to its adjustability, the Merax is perfect for both office and home use.

Ergonomically designed to ensure that you remain comfortable even during long gaming or work sessions. It is a very durable chair with a sturdy five star base that is on caster wheels for ease of movement around the home or office. A racing style chair that will look great in both office or gaming room and provide you with ultimate comfort.

Why We Like It

  • 180 degree lockable recline action
  • Padded removable headrest
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Height adjustable

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7. BirdRock Gaming Chair

BirdRock - adjustable positions


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So you play a lot of console games and you are looking for a chair that will not cost the earth and give you the comfort you would expect sitting on a luxury sofa, then the BirdRock Chair is for you. This chair does not have any of the special features of a console style chair usually have but it does have comfort and will support you when sitting on the floor and playing you Xbox or PS4 games.

This chair is soft and comfortable and perfect for sitting on the floor playing you PS4, Xbox or on your Television. It is very soft and comfortable much like your sofa. The back has fourteen different positions that are lockable. The chair will allow you to sit fully upright or to lie flat and any other position in between the two.

The plush fabric that is it made out of add a touch of luxury to your experience, and you can sink into the seat and it will meld into the contours of your body. The BirdRock is easy to store as it will fold flat and can be stored under a bed, or sofa until you wish to use it.

You can use the chair anywhere and anytime, it is also great to use as a daybed or spare bed for when you have guests. Recline it slightly so that you are in a comfortable reading position or sit upright, every one of the fourteen positions will give you utmost comfort and luxury. This chair is great for those on tight budgets and it will not only suite as a gaming chair but also as an everyday chair in your living room.

Why We Like It

  • 14 adjustable positions
  • Easy to store
  • Use anywhere
  • Super comfortable

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8. N Seat Pro 300 Gaming Chair

N Seat Pro 300 Series NS-PRO300_


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If you are looking for an office styled chair that will give you great comfort and support and will not cost as much as some of the other racing styled ones on the market, then the N Seat Pro 300 is the one you want. This racing styled chair is comfortable the black with white trim is striking.

It will look great in your office, boardroom or at your desk or gaming station. The N Seat Pro 300 is height adjustable, this means that no matter how long your legs, or how high or low your desk or gaming station is you can find the exact height to provide you with ultimate comfort.

The chair is made from a mix of PU and PVC leather. This makes the chair easy to maintain and clean, and the material is stain resistant. The chair has a 360 degree swivel action which allows you to take in the entire room without having to move the chair. The N Seat Pro offers a tilt action that allows you to sit back and relax between games or to take a break from your work.

The tilt action is also lockable so you can fix the tilt of the chair at any suitable position that is the most comfortable for you. The chair can accommodate up to 120kg. It has a sturdy five point base with twin nylon wheels for you to be able to move the chair easily around the room.

The padded head rest, arm rests and seat offer you ultimate comfort for when you are sitting for a long period of time. The N Seat Pro 300 is designed to be a gaming chair, however it will suite any office environment just as easily.

Why We Like It

  • Height adjustable
  • Ergonomically designed to prevent back and neck problems
  • Twin nylon wheels
  • Rotates 360 degrees

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9. X Rocker 0717901 Gaming Chair

X Rocker - 0717901


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Comfort and luxury that is what you with the X Rocker 0717901 Chair. The perfect chair to spend your day in, no matter whether you are busy with a marathon session, watching your favorite TV program or a movie or just simply relaxing. The X Rocker is comfortably padded, the back reclines and the footrest can extend to let you lay back in comfort while reading or watching TV.

The under seat storage is perfect for you to keep you consoles, remotes and or television paraphernalia in ensuring that your play area or living room is squared away. Site pockets are great for books or magazines. This chair has the added benefit of two speakers which are concealed in the head rest, as well as a subwoofer which uses the open space AFM technology which will give you the best audio output.

Using the RCA outputs you can connect any source of audio to the chair, use your MP3 player and enjoy a lazy relaxing afternoon reading and listening to your favorite tunes. This chair is quite bulky and looks very much like a standard recliner.

It is a chair that is used for playing your favorite console games such as Xbox, PS4 or TV games and is not meant for you to be seated at a desk. A good looking chair that is easy to clean and stain resistant. It is a really good looking chair and will fit into your living room or games room giving you an extra everyday chair as well as a great, feature packed chair.

Why We Like It

  • Inbuilt speaker with subwoofer
  • Foldable footrest
  • Side pockets to keep objects like remote, etc.
  • Under-sear storage compartment

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10. Mophorn Reclining Racing Chair with Footrest

Mophorn 360 degree swivel


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The Mophorn Reclining Racing Chair is not only a stylish chair, it is one of the most comfortable with an ergonomic design that will give you hours of pleasure in front of your computer while working or watching TV or movies. It is one of the sturdiest ones on the market with a five star base on caster wheels for you to be able to easily move it from room to room or desk to desk.

The foot rest will extend for when you wish to put your feet up when watching TV. The racing style chair is fully adjustable. Height adjustment allows you to be seated comfortable no matter how long your legs are or what the height of your desk is. The back rest also has a great tilt and the tilt function is lockable to enable you to set it at the angle you feel most comfortable at.

The lumbar cushion helps to support your lower back and help you to avoid back, neck and shoulder pain that is prevalent in people that sit for long periods working, or gaming. The arm rests are also fully adjustable and padded to offer support to your arms, wrists and hands. The Mophorn is not only a great chair an abundance of features that make it a great office racing style chair as well.

This Mophorn Reclining Racing Chair is durable and comfortable and the extra foot rest is an added bonus that most office style desk types do not offer. Designed for comfort whether playing or working, this chair will look great in your office, boardroom or at your station.

Why We Like It

  • Sturdy
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Recline and footrest
  • Durable

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Buyers Guide Questions

What Benefits do the Best Gaming Chairs have over Other Chairs?

Hard-core gamers know that the total experience of gaming is more than just the graphics and sound. Gamers find themselves sitting in their chair in front of their TV or computer for long periods of time and often find themselves too fatigued to finish their sessions.

This is where having the best gaming chair for 2018 you can get comes into its own. Designed to give the player comfort and support, the chair allows the gamer to play as long as he wants without getting fatigued or suffering from neck, back or joint pain.

You also need a seat that will allow you to sit comfortably in front of your desk if you are a computer gamer, having a high backed adjustable chair is vital as the level of the chair has to adjust to enable you to access your keypad without straining your wrists. Gaming chairs are designed specifically to cater for people to sit for extended periods of time. There are a few aspects that are vital in an office style gamer seat and we list a few of them here for you.

Most of these types of gaming chairs are built for comfort. They are ergonomically designed to assist with posture and engable you to sit comfortably throughout your session without feeling the need to get up and move around. They also make the most comfortable office types allowing employees to be more productive at work.

One of the main advantages of a gamer seat is that they are designed for you to sit in them for extended periods of time. They, unlike most others have a curve that will cradle your back. The chair will adjust to your position and allow you to sit comfortably no matter how you want to sit, so the back of the chair will move with you instead of being inflexible. Most gaming chairs boast that you can sit in them for many hours without the discomfort or pain you get from other pieces of furniture.

Then there is the advent of different features that gaming chairs will offer as opposed to normal chairs. Being an avid player means you will want some of the features to enhance your gaming pleasure to the max. These include speaker systems and other technology that enhance the experience. They often also have cup holders and the like as the designers are aware that hard-core players do not like to leave their station no matter how hungry or thirsty they may get.

So getting up get something to eat or drink in the middle of a session is not something they want to have to do. The ability to take a quick rest at the end of a level or before you start a new one is key to your focus, this is why most PC gaming chairs will have the ability to lie back in them, giving you a chance to take a breather before continuing on, without having to leave the comfort of your chair.

Can Gaming Chairs Improve your Gameplay?

The best gaming chairs will definitely improve you gameplay and having the best gaming chair will give you the greatest experience you have ever had. It is 2018 and we all spend a lot of time in front of computers, unlike before where your games where only on the monitor screen and very limited, today they are intricate and last for extended periods, so just as when you are working in an office, if you are sitting comfortably with no pain in your back, neck or shoulders you tend to be more productive. A comfortable gaming seat is a prerequisite to a good, intense session.

When you feel fatigued you miss out of the nuances of the game and if you are sitting uncomfortably, you tend to concentrate on your discomfort instead of the opposition you are playing. Being comfortable in your seat will make you more alert and less likely to give up on your session to soon. Having quality padding and pillow cushioning are usually standard for this type and style of seat.

This allows for greater relaxation and support, and for promoting proper posture and blood flow at the same time. Quality gaming chairs will ensure relaxed and comfortable seating no matter how much time you play for. Players know that you pay a high price in pain and discomfort if you do not get a top quality chair you can for your sessions.

There are three basic styles of chairs available on the market. These include the standard wheel based chair, the rocker style gaming chairs which sit on the floor and can rock forward and backwards and are designed to exclusively play console games, and then the pedestal style gaming seat is slightly higher off the ground and will usually swivel and recline. Often the pedestal and recliner style chair will have foot rests that can be extended for added comfort.

Office style chairs are used for computer gamers who find themselves sitting at a desk for long hours, whereas the pedestal or rocker type chairs are more suited to console players. So what type of features do these chairs offer that will lift and improve your experience, in addition to the standard comfort levels offered by gaming chairs? Below we take a closer look at the extra features offered, particularly by console gaming chairs. These features are out of the ordinary and specifically designed to enhance your experience and make it more enjoyable and last longer.

Built-in Speakers & AFM Technologies

Built-in Speakers & InputsThis type of feature is included in the gaming chairs such as the X Rocker 0717901 Chair or the X Rocker 51396 Pro Chair as well as a few other similar type chairs. These are pedestal style or rocker style types and they are usually equipped with a sub-woofer and speakers. They will incorporate Audio Force Modulation or AFM Technology that uses the hollow volume of space within the chair and frame of the chair.

The speakers of these gaming chairs are usually built into the head rests of the chair. The controls of the audio on these are usually located on the side of them, some even have remote controls. You can control the treble, base and volume levels of the audio with these controls. Having this feature will allow you to immerse yourself into your experience giving you the ultimate console gaming experience.

Wireless Receiver/Transmitter

Again these are features that you will find in the rocker and pedestal style gaming chairs and usually are in conjunction with the built-in speakers that they are equipped with. The feature allows you to connect with many different audio devices as well as video players who have Bluetooth capability. This enables you to participate in LAN parties, tournaments or play online with other players. Some models also come with RCA stereo outputs to enable you to connect to your smart phones, tablets and other technology using RCA cables.

Vibration Motors

The pedestal and rocker chairs are associated with this feature. They can sync to your output bass frequencies as well as with the audio from the game. The audio associated with explosions, crashes, gunfire and other types of impact that are translated into vibration signals and transmitted to the motors which vibrate the chair. This makes you feel as if you are actually present in the battlefield. They take the gaming experience to another level altogether.

Cup Holders & side Pockets

Many V Rockers and pedestal style gaming chairs come with placeholders and storage compartments for controllers, drinks, etc. This makes it convenient to keep food and drinks at a close to hand so you don’t have to stop your game to get that sip of water you need.

Many players find themselves dehydrated due to extended periods where they do not want to get up and leave the game to get something to drink, cup holders and side pockets negate this problem. These can also be used to keep your remote controls for your TV or even storing books or magazines in the storage pockets.

High Quality Padding and Pillow Cushion

This is one of the features that is common with all types of the best gaming chairs out there. These are essential to your chair considering how long you will be sitting in them in one session. Having the right padding and pillow cushioning will make the difference between completing your game in comfort or growing fatigued or having so much neck, back or shoulder pain that you cannot complete your game at all.

Lumbar padding and cushioned head rests along with great seat padding will make all the difference. Your wheel based chairs such as the DXRacer or the GT Omega Pro gaming chairs offer the greatest cushioning and padding that you will find in an office style, wheel based seat.

The padding extends beyond the back, head and lumbar cushioning, it also includes the arm rests and sometimes foot rests too. The rockers and pedestal styles as well as the recliner style gaming chairs that are designed specifically for console gaming give you the ultimate luxury in padding and cushioning.

Massage and Heating Pad

A lot of the best gaming chairs be they racing style office gaming chairs, recliners, rockers and pedestals have functions such as massage and heating pads. These help to relax the muscles in your back, neck, shoulder and even calves while you play, enabling you to continue for longer periods of time.

Compatibility with extra gadgets

Having a product that can be so much more than the basic gaming chairs you purchased is a great asset. Many of the best office style chairs such as the DXRacer lends itself to add-ons such as a stand for your mouse, tumbler or cat. You can purchase these extra gadgets to enhance your acquisition, you are constantly upgrading your computer, mouse, keyboard and other paraphernalia, why not be able to upgrade your one to suite your needs without having to purchase a whole new chair.

Everything that makes your gaming experience more pleasant easier and more enjoyable will definitely improve your gameplay. Having the top graphics cards, sound system, screen, mouse and mouse pad as well as workspace all adds value to your experience. Your gaming chair makes an enormous difference in your comfort levels, the right one will allow you to sit comfortably for longer periods and maintain your concentration thereby giving you an advantage over your opponents.

The added features that are specifically designed to enhance your play such as listed above are just the cherry on the top.  Although many of the best gaming chairs come with a high price tag, there are some on the market that are not as pricey but still give you great quality which is want you want, whether you are looking for a computer gaming chair or a console gaming chair.

What Features Should I look for in a Gaming Chair?

The best PC gaming chairs for 2018 will have a whole host of things that are essential in these types of chairs. The best gaming chairs have a combination of features that will make your session comfortable and pleasurable. Having a great one that will help you extend your gaming pleasure by protecting you from the normal aches and pains you feel when sitting for a long period is a necessity for all players. Features of these chairs include great padding, adjustability and of course exceptional comfort. Some of the things you need to look out for in your chair are:

Comfort and Ergonomics

This is the most important feature for gamers. An ergonomic design equates to one of the most comfortable gaming chairs on the market. The best gaming chairs help to improve your posture. They offer arm support, lumbar support, and numerous controls that allow the user to make adjustments. This means you can customize your product according to your body type and height.

A gaming chair that ticks all the boxes often comes with a higher price, however if you are going to spend a lot of money setting up your gaming station, it should be one of your priorities to ensure that you can fully enjoy the great graphics and sound that a gaming PC will give you – plug in a pair of high quality headsets which you can get for a bargain under $100 – click here to pick a set.

The best gaming chairs should also offer a higher level of comfort than you standard chairs as they are going to be sat in for long periods at a time. To have that quality session you want, you are going to have to get something that will allow you to enjoy it to the max. This is where the PC gaming chair takes centre stage.  They should be ergonomically designed to ensure the following:

Facilitate Better Posture

The best office style chairs can help to maintain good posture. These chairs are strategically contoured so that they keep the back straight and support your spine. Regular chairs often cause to back pain and bad posture when seated for long periods. If you invest in a good gaming chair, you are also investing in your own well-being, sitting for a long time affects your posture, and they will not only help avoid bad posture developing but can actually improve your posture if properly designed.

Prevent Neck Problems

Prolonged sitting elevates the risk of neck pain, cervical spondylitis, problems that can cause back, and neck pain. The best gaming chairs can help to prevent neck problems and also reduce stiffness and joint pains. Most of your office style wheel based gaming chairs will offer added lumbar and head support in the form of extra padding or cushioning. This along with all the other adjustable features in these chairs make them perfect for gaming and for offices or boardrooms.

Improved Circulation

The top computer gaming chairs offer another health benefit. They promote healthy blood flow throughout the body, resulting in reduced muscle stiffness, better cardiovascular function, and decreased pain. This is one of the reasons that these chairs are often used in offices and boardrooms. Improved circulation increases concentration and allows you to sit for longer periods without experiencing fatigue. Getting one that is highly adjustable and that offers just the right amount of support in the right places is essential to not only good gaming but also good health.

Special Features Specifically Designed for Gaming

There are a number of features that the best gaming chairs features that will enhance and maximise your gaming experience. Many of these chairs however come with a high price tag, and having these features, although you may want them, are not necessary for a high quality one that will suite your purpose. A lot of the pedestal, rocker and recliner style chairs will offer integrated speakers, built-in vibration, 2.1 AFM technologies and more.

Some are also equipped swivel capabilities that allow gamers to move around quickly without straining themselves or getting up from the seat. This enables you to experience better gaming sessions and enhance your skills. These features include the ability to control certain features on your TV or audio speakers in the headrest. Standard features on the best office styled chairs are related to padding, adjustability and comfort when sitting in front of a desk for many hours.

Many of these features are also very important for them to be used in offices. They need to be adjustable to accommodate all sizes and shapes of people. They need to be well padded and comfortable. They also need to give you the best seating position to suite your needs, allowing you to spend more time in front of your computer without feeling the aches and pains associated with that.

Height Control

Height ControlHaving one that can be adjusted for height is one of the most essential attributes of an office style chair. It allows you to set the chair so that you are always be sitting in a good position. You need to be able to adjust the height of it to compliment your own height and length of your legs. For you to be sitting in the optimal position to avoid any pain you may associate with sitting for long periods. If it is adjusted to the right height, you will be able to plant your feet firmly on the ground giving you stability.

It will also enable you to sit back comfortably in your seat, resting your back against the ergonomically designed back rest which will alleviate back pain. The height of the chair also affects the view of your screen, if it is set to the best height suited to you, you will alleviate neck and upper back as well as shoulder pains. A simple thing such as the height of it can affect every part of your experience.

Without being able to adjust the height of yours it you will not be able to sit comfortably no matter how much padding or cushioning you have on the chair. It is a vital function not only for your gaming experience but also when gaming chairs are used in an office environment to ensure the best productivity of your staff.

Armrest Height Control

Armrest Height ControlJust as important as the height of your chair is the height and setting of your arm rests. Having adjustable arm rests are a really great feature that you need on any gaming chair. Not all of the office style chairs have this feature, although some of the best gaming chairs have arm rests that can adjust not only in height, but in direction as well.

Having the ability to adjust your arm rests enables you to set them at the optimal levels to be able to rest your arms on them preventing fatigue from having to hold your arms up all the time. Adjustable arm rests will also prevent wrist, arm and hand pain that is associated with having little or no support when sitting at a desk working on a computer for long periods of time.

Tension control

Having tension control on your backrest allows the chair to conform to your movements. If you sit forward during and intense part of the game then the chairs backrest moves with you. The backrest will offer support no matter how you choose to sit. This is very important to prevent back pain when sitting for long periods. If you want to relax for a few minutes, then the backrest will allow you to push back on it and “cool down” as it were, between sessions or levels.

This feature allows you to get excited during a game and move around in the chair without losing the support of your chair on your back. It will also keep the chair more stable with the back rest not falling back with the slightest of pressure. You can control the amount of tension you want in the chair, it can be relatively stiff or very lose and easy to move. With the control buttons you can adjust the level of tension to suite your own needs.

Backrest lock

I am sure that many of us have sat down on office chairs with no lock on the backrest and have felt as if they are falling backwards when they sit. The lock prevents you from “falling” backwards on the chair and getting a fright. Locking the back rest into place is also great to ensure that you maintain your posture at all times. You can always unlock the backrest when it is time to take a break.

Seat pan slider

Seat Pan SliderThis is a great feature and accommodates people of different heights and builds. Taller people with longer legs need a deeper seat to be able to sit comfortably. Shorter people would often lose out on the comfort and support of a back rest when sitting in an office chair, as they would have to sit on the tip of the char so that their feet can be firmly planted on the floor. The seat pan slider helps to avoid these issues as you can slide it backwards if you are shorter giving a more shallow seat or forwards to give you a deeper seat.

The back rest will automatically adjust with the seat slider to ensure that you get the support you need all the time. Not all chairs offer this great benefit, however if you are looking at the best higher end office style gaming chairs such as GM Seating Ergolux Executive Hi Swivel Chair will offer this great feature.


This might seem insignificant, however it is a very important consideration for anybody looking to buy an office or gaming chair. You will be spending a lot of time sitting in the chair and having one that will keep you comfortable at all times even after long session is vital. Having a chair that has upholstery hat is  hygroscopic, which means it will absorb moisture and not allow the chair to get sticky and give you the feeling that you are stuck to the chair, especially on hot, humid days after a long session is something you really want in a gamer chair.

Any chair that you consider should complement your body temperature and the climate in which you are working. Leather is a great material to use as well as a mesh material. You also need to consider that you will be using this chair for a long time and it will have to endure wear and tear, so having a durable material that will not easily tear or scratch is preferable.

Then you also need to consider the breathability of the material you choose. Again sitting for long periods will cause the chair, and you, to heat up and sitting on a sticky surface is not pleasant and can lead to other problems. Another important consideration in regards the chair you want will be how easy is it to clean and maintain and is it likely to stain.

Gamers sit for long hours, they tend to eat and drink during their sessions without leaving their chair or desk. Accidents will happen and when you spill that juice or mess your sandwich or chips, you want to be able to clean it up quickly and easily. Also you don’t want a chair that is going to look tatty with food and drink or other stains. This is also vital if you are going to be using your gaming chair as an office chair as well, impressions are important and a good looking office is vital.

The best gaming chairs and office chairs are made of either mesh or leather. Leather is cool in summer and warm in winter, it is also easy to clean and maintain unlike upholstered chairs. Leather or PU leather is common with the rocker, pedestal and recliner chairs. Mesh has the same characteristics and allows your body to breathe when sitting in them. Mesh is not only breathable, but extremely easy to clean and maintain, mesh is also extremely durable and not prone to tearing. This makes mesh the preferred material to use on office chairs as well as chairs.


Seat StyleLooks and style of the best gaming chairs for PC are important for many gamers. Gamers spend a lot of money to make their desktops look good, their gaming stations are often decorated with speakers with LED lighting, and a lot of paraphernalia. So why not invest in something stylish when investing in your gaming chair.

You need a chair that will complement your gaming room, fit in with your décor and be well constructed. If your chair does not look inviting, then you are not going to get excited about your next session, and of course, it is always nice to show off your gaming Laptop, desk and chair to your friends.

The most popular style of office style wheel based gaming chair is the racing style. Racing styled chairs are also very popular as office chairs because of their ergonomic design and good looks. If you are looking for a console gamer chair then the rocker or pedestal style of chair is favored.

However you also get the recliner type chairs that are not only great for gaming but also as lounge chairs to sit and relax in. These styles of chairs look cool and they come with many added benefits as discussed above.

Easy Storage

The best gaming chairs should enable you to move them around easily and to store away when not in use. Most are compact in design and can easily be folded up to ensure your gaming area is always neat and tidy and squared away. You should consider that if you are going to be purchasing a large gaming chair such as a pedestal chair or lounger, you are not going to be able to move the chair around all the time. The office style chairs are easy to tuck away behind your station and then there are those like the BirdRock chairs that will fold flat and can be stored under your bed or sofa until needed.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

You are going to spend a lot of time in this chair. Not only are you going to be gaming, but eating and drinking and snacking on things like chips and chocolates, and no matter how careful you are accidents do happen. This is where the need to have a chair that is easy to clean and maintain is essential.

Most if not all gaming chairs are made from leather or mesh, cleaning them is usually a breeze and keeping them stain free just as easy. Again mesh chairs are the best and easiest to keep clean and stain free and they do not have the risk of tearing like leather or faux leather chair will tend to do.

Combining all of the great features into one chair allows you to experience more comfortable and due to this you are able to play for longer periods at a time. They also help you to focus on the task at hand at all times, this is due to the fact they not only make you comfortable but also improve you circulation leading to longer periods of concentration, and this in turn greatly improves your gameplay and general experience. When you are looking for the perfect chair you must consider your preferences as well as all the above features.

Are you a console gamer who loves to sit in front of your television and play or are you a hard-core computer player who plays sitting at your desk for hours on end. Your preferences will determine the style of chair that will suite you best. A console player is more likely to choose a chair like the X Rocker and a PC gamer will look at something like the DXRacer racing style one. Both offer style and functionality and are perfectly suited to their particular style of gaming.

Any hard-core player will tell you that getting the best chair is vital. If you do not have something you can sit in that will keep you playing for longer and in comfort then all the other expensive computer or gaming equipment you have is not going to allow you to improve you game. The right computer, graphics, screen and desk are important, and the right chair is vital to your gaming experience.

Every player needs to get the best chair for the price you pay. Our guideline will give you a good idea of what to look for when considering which chair will be right for you. Do your research, read the online review and see what other customers think about the different styles and designs. Look at the frequently asked questions from previous purchasers and you are sure to make the right decision when choosing the right chair for your gaming needs.


An avid player does not merely like gaming, and it is not just a hobby or something you do on the weekend, it is a way of life. Equipping yourself with the best there is to offer in the gaming world is essential to enjoy your experience to the max. Having the best graphics or sound is not going to be worth much if you cannot sit comfortably, uninterrupted and enjoy your session. Buying the best gaming racing style chair you can afford will not only enhance your experience, it will take your experience to a whole new level of enjoyment.

There are different styles of chairs on the market, you can opt for an office racing style gaming chair, a pedestal type chair or a rocker. If you are looking for the perfect chair for computer gaming, then you would consider an office style gaming chair, such as the DXRacer or the Mophorn Reclining Racing Chair. However not all gamers like playing computer games and sitting at a desk does not appeal to them.

For the players who enjoy console ones such as Xbox or PS4 then you should consider the pedestal or rocker style gaming chair. These offer some special benefits as well such as audio capabilities as well as connectivity through WiFi or Bluetooth. If you like gaming, you have to have the best gaming chair for 2018 you can get.

DXRacer Formula Series

Top Pick

The DXRacer is one of the best PC racing style gaming chairs for 2018 on the market, this high backed, height adjustable and durable racing style chair will ensure that your sessions can go on for as long as they need to without you having to worry about discomfort or pain. The DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair is compact, easy to move around and easy to clean. The free lumbar and headrest pillow are just the cherry on top for this great racing style chair. Comfort, style, great support and completely adjustable, the DXRacer is the one you need for your work station and makes it our top pick from all the ones we have reviewed for you.

GT Omega- PRO Racing

Premium Choice

The GR Omega Pro Gaming Chair is a solid, sturdy, comfortable gaming one that looks stylish and will complement any gaming station. It is orthopedically and ergonomically designed to ensure that you get the best support you can have during your hard-core sessions. With adjustable armrests, a tilting locking mechanism and a height adjustable seat, you will never be uncomfortable in this gaming racing style chair no matter how long you sit in it for. Great not only as a gaming chair but an office racing style chair as well. With great style, comfort and adjustability, the GT Omega Pro Gaming Chair is one of the best office style types on the market and that makes it our premium choice out of all those that we have reviewed for you.

Akracing AK-5015

Great Value

A feature packed PC gaming chair that will last you a long time and one of the best in its price range. Durable, comfortable and very well designed, racing styled gaming racing style chair has everything you need to make sure that your next session is a success. The high adjustable back, tilt action and adjustable arm rests are just a few of the features this chair has to offer. Not only will it look great at your gaming station, or office desk, it will ensure you sit comfortably without experiencing any discomfort no matter how long that session or project takes to complete. Most of the best office style racing gaming chairs with complete adjustability and great features can cost you more than you are willing to pay. Now you get it all and not break the bank with the Akracing AK-5015 Gaming Chair. It will not only meet every requirement for a great racing style chair but it is very well priced and that makes this gaming racing style chair our great value choice out of all those reviewed on our list.

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