10 Of The Best PC Gaming Chairs 2017

We all understand the struggle of shifting back and forth in your not-so-comfortable chairs while being intensely engaged in FIFA on your PlayStation. Your friend comes over for a dueling match on your PC and all you have to offer is a raggedy chair to sit. When you are engrossed in games for indefinite periods of time, you search for the most comfortable chair that you have in your house so as to keep your focus and maintain undivided attention. A lot of us may not be bothered about a personalized gaming throne for us to sit in while we switch on the big screen television and play some grueling game on it, but then comes those neck pains and back pains which leave you agitated for the entire day. How many times can you get a massage done after shooting some zombies in your PlayStation?

Of course, there are those serious gamers who put in a lot of thought into gaming and find a decent gaming chair to sit in. It completely makes sense when you would want to invest in one of the best gaming chairs available in the market so as to feel as comfortable and as pain-free as possible. Gamers already have the best quality PC setup, so why not complete the whole set with one of the finest gaming chairs? Moreover, you can decide best about your personal level of comfort and what features a gaming chair must have in order to suit your preference. Different people have different levels of comfort and so you must research well to see which fits best according to your specifications. Come to think about it, purchasing one of the top gaming chairs would invariably pique your level of interest further into gaming and we would so want that, won’t we? Read on to find one of the best gaming chairs available in the market:

DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs - Our Top Picks for 2017

By DX Racer

The Formula Series Gaming chair is one of the best budget computer chairs of 2016 and 2017, which is ideal for all those gamer freaks obsessed with the idea of gaming. The Formula Series DXRacer is furnished with high-density cold cure foam filling which makes such chairs durable and convenient to use for extended periods of time especially when working for eight hours and longer. Designed with a tubular steel frame, which can withstand your entire back weight and a nylon start base, along with extremely important yet comfortable armrests, the DXRacer gaming chair resonates class with ulterior quality. It would make the perfect addition to your computer desk, being a much versatile and technologically sound product.

Most makers of office as well as computer chairs often forget the importance of high backrest and equip the chairs with a lower back support which, in turn, leads to severe back pain. Consequently, the chair user experiences lower body pain and unrest all throughout the day which leaves them with a sour mood and a distraught attitude. But here, with the innovative design of the dx racing chair, you would have no complaints. Moreover, the DXRacer gaming chair has flexible adjustments and can be lowered to such a degree which provides comfort and convenience while you wish to take a quick power nap after long, exhausting overtime sessions at night. With the help of its angle adjuster, you would be able to bring it to a position according to your specifics and rest for a while before engaging in a serious apocalyptic battle in your PlayStation.

Hardwired with universal casters and supreme technology, the Formula Series DXRacer game chair is built to withstand long periods of use and strong stature with a capacity to take on a substantial weight. On purchasing the Formula series DXRacer, you are also given a therapeutic lumbar cushion and a headrest pillow to give you that desired rest to your back and neck and continue to engage in your work without an ounce of exhaustion. In fact, this sturdy lumbar cushion is not just some fluffy pillow and will later be found unfruitful, rather it is one of the best features of this product and it aims to support your back while you work constantly. Even for an average person with a height of about five feet ten inches, this Formula Series DX racing chair would fit perfectly and the armrests alongside would provide maximum coverage and comfort. All in all, the DXRacer game chair has many happy and satisfied customers and several would recommend this chair for the supreme gaming experience.


Reasonable price
Lumbar cushion and headrest pillow
Flexible adjustments available
The flexible lumbar support cushion coupled with the stylish look of this comfortable gaming chair makes one of the best budget computer chairs.

GT Omega Pro Gaming Chair

GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chair Black Next White Leather

By GT Omega Racing

The GT Omega Pro Gaming chair is designed to offer a combination of luxurious ergonomic comfort and high-performance style and class. The GT Omega Pro gaming, as well as office chair, promotes incredibly comfortable lumbar support because it is furnished in a way which entirely encircles the traditional idea of a deep sided “body-hugging” back and you will feel this posture of synchronization as you recline back for rest. The additional features of the racer gaming chair include extensive shoulder support as well as the integral lumbar support cushion which, apart from the convenience of the chair, offers extra added advantage to the user who is engaged in continuous periods of intense gaming or work.

An essential form of the racer chair is the availability of a removable head rest pillow where you can just tilt back and rest your head and neck thereby giving it the much-needed respite from prolonged periods of gaming or professional work. This gaming chair is infused with a creative ergonomic tilt locking mechanism and this reclining gaming chair allows adjustable fittings ranging from eighty-five degrees to one hundred and sixty degrees backward and forwards tilting movement. Imagine the relief and satisfaction you can get as you arch your way backward and take a quick break from all the hectic office work or from just slaying a dragon on your PC! Whatever be the purpose of your use, this gaming chair is fabricated to provide you with the best level of contentment and amenity.

The Aluminum Starbase is equipped with superior quality ball bearing casters that are given the effect of alloy wheels to complete its construction and also achieve the desired effect. With the help of adjustable caster settings and expandable gas spring cylinder, one can increase or decrease the height of the gaming office chair according to their preference. So there is a gaming chair for tall persons. Made out of black and white synthetic leather material, the GT Omega Pro gaming chair will make a nice addition to your computer console and gaming furniture and give out the ultra-tech vibes of a technologically sound room. The rotatable, black armrest is something which will help you to keep your arms and elbows intact and without the pressure of any soreness or pain. It can withstand a weight of up to 120 kilograms ( approximately 265 pounds). Orthopaedically and ergonomically designed, the GT Omega Pro gaming chair is all things which spell comfort and relaxation and is definitely ranked as one of the finest gaming chairs in the whole biz. In other words, the GT Omega Pro gaming, as well as the best ergonomic office chair of 2017, is essentially a bed on wheels and you will never regret the idea of buying it!


The height is adjustable.
It is a game chair with wheels.
Ergonomically and orthopedically designed
This gaming chair is a must-have, especially for tall guys. This comfortable racer chair is no less than a bed on wheels.

Akracing AK-5015 Gaming Chair

Akracing AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic Series Racing Style Gaming Office Chair - Black/Blue

By 4GamerGear

The majority of office workers and gamers find it difficult to adjust to a comfortable position in their chairs for continuous hours without a break. Operating a computer for long hours without an agreeable sitting alignment may often result in lower back pains (63%), followed by miserable neck pains (53%), along with shoulder and wrist pains. Bearing in mind the comfort features and adjustable elements strongly desired by users in their gaming chairs, the makers of Akracing AK – 5015 worked quite hard to ward off the negativities and present a pleasant gamer chair for users of all ages, genders, and size.

The Akracing AK – 5015 is available in a variety of different shades. The highlight of this PC gaming chair lies in its built, strength, and flexibility. Akracing AK – 5015 is made up of high-density mold shaping foam, and metallic body with a 5-star strong base that is reliable and durable.

This racing computer chair has a Standard Seat Mechanism with a foam density of about 49 kilograms per cubic meter on the seat, and 50 kilograms per cubic meter at the back. Although the net weight of this racing style gaming chair is just 25 kilograms, yet it can support weight capacities up to 150 kilograms (330 pounds) with its class 4 Gas lifts.

It is built with a headrest pillow for proper ergonomic positioning of the neck, back and the lower body, which may sometimes feel uncomfortable but can be removed easily in such cases. The back of the racer computer chair can be moved to a position comparable to the position of the user, with an adjustable angle up to 180 degrees. Moreover, it has an alterable height up to 50 centimeters (19 inches), an adjustable tilt of 12 degrees, and movable arm rests in 2-D up to a height of 34 centimeters (13 inches).


90-180 degrees adjustable backrest
Strong and durable Metallic framework
Supports up to 150 kilograms with High-Quality Gas lifts (Class 4)
Lumbar and Headrest Pillow
If you are looking for the most comfortable office chair which is affordable as well, do not stop yourself from buying this Akracing AK – 5015 at a great price.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

By X Rocker

Children often enjoy playing games with thrilling background sounds that help them stiffen the resolve of winning a particular game of their interest. However, wearing a headphone over a long period of time has its own bundle of troubles. So here comes a wireless audio gaming chair; a must for the die-hard little players to keep them engaged throughout the game.

Made of bonded leather, the X Rocker 51396 Pro Gaming Chair is huge, though lightweight. It is a comfortable gamer chair for watching movies or playing games or simply squatting with ease, feeling the essence of music within you. The control panel located on the side has control keys for volume, bass, and vibrations, along with the input/output jacks, and the band switch.

The X Rocker 51396 Pro Gaming Chair contains two speakers which are built in the headrest and ported power subwoofers that are incorporated into open space with the Audio Force Modulation Technology, such that the quality of the sound can be magnified.

This X Rocker model is compatible with a majority of gaming devices, and other electronic models, including PS3, PS4, PSP Vita, Xbox 360, IPAD, iPhone, MP3 players and much more. There is the rounded base with versatile movements such as swivel and tilt capabilities but lacks wheels. It offers Bluetooth connection and is compatible with other electronic devices as well, thereby making it easier for you to connect your personal devices and enjoy the enthralling experience. This gaming chair can also be simultaneously connected to multiple chairs making the gaming experience more delightful. X Rocker 51396 Pro Gaming Chair has the best gunstock arms and pedestal with the preferable ergonomic designing.

Foldable construction
Upholstery grade vinyl cover
Wireless audio transmission
Side control panels present
This X Rocker 51396 Pro is one of the finest gaming chairs around, packed with a tonne of features, all at an affordable price.

GM Seating Ergolux Gamers Seat

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Chrome Base with Headrest, White

By GM Seating

Most professionals prefer stylish and royal chairs with a comfortable seating, equipped with the trending facilities and handy support. Highly suited in executive, ergonomic and task roles, the GM Seating Ergolux Gaming Chair combines a classic, country and traditional style with the contemporary, transitional and vintage aspect.

The GM Seating Ergolux Gaming Chair offers an executive design in a pure leather make up with a metallic and plastic frame.   This gaming desk chair has a lumbar support system so that you might not writhe in back pain even after continuous long hours of sitting work.

It is shaped beautifully with a 5-star strong base to provide utmost support and strength to the chair, and also offers 360-degree swivels and tilts for ease of movement to the user. The 3-D arms can be adjusted left, right, forward and backward, according to the need.

The GM Seating Ergolux Gaming Chair also presents the choice of seat slide according to the height and size of the user, thus extending equal benefits to the Lilliputian and Brobdingnagian. This GM model can support weight capacities up to 113 kilograms (250 lbs).

3-D adjustable armrest
Seat depth, height, and slide adjustment
Genuine leather with metallic/plastic body
Weight capacity of 113 kilograms (250 lbs)
If you wish to achieve the most professional look with your gaming office chair, this is the best pick for you. The GM Seating Ergolux Gaming Chair is one of the three most best-selling office chairs and can be easily afforded at a price.

Merax Fantasy Pink Racing Chair

Merax Fantasy Series Racing Style PU Leather Gaming Chair (Pink)

By Merax

The Merax Fantasy Gaming Chair is a perfect gaming chair for participating in racing, adventurous, sporting games, apart from the executive and professional work. It is constructed of high-quality leather offering the best seating facility with a built-in lumbar and headrest pillow. Both of these elements can be adjusted according to your need and provides a stable and comfortable position for the lower back and the neck while working for long hours.

The Merax Fantasy Gaming Chair has a solid 5-star base with strong and reliable matching casters. This PC gaming chair can be reclined down to 180-degrees for an appropriate resting position and can be of good use practicing yoga or other exercises after a tiring seating position.

The Merax Fantasy Gaming Chair is available in a variety of different colors for both young and old to try their hand at. It has padded armrests for proper inclement which can be adjusted in all directions as well as lowered or raised up suiting your height. It also offers an adjustable seat height from 43 to 52 centimeters (17 to 20.5 inches) to match your height. It can support heavy weight people up to 102 kilograms (225 lbs).

Removable lumbar and headrest pillow
180 degrees recline angle
Seat size adjustable
Adjustable padded armrests
If you wish to enjoy your games and relax more, the Merax Fantasy Gaming Chair is available in most online stores including Amazon.

BirdRock Adjustable Memory Foam Gamers Seat

BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair & Gaming Chair (Eggplant)

By BirdRock Home

The BirdRock Gaming Chair is a dream chair for all the gaming freaks. With a cushioned body, this gaming chair will leave no iota of discomfort for any gamer who gets on this. One will not even realize the amount of time that has passed by in the relaxed arms of this chair. Available for a very low price, with free Prime shipping for the product, this gaming furniture is available in multiple colors. The colors in which this gaming desk chair is available are Eggplant, Blue, Brown, Grey, Lime, Orange, Pink, and Purple. This chair is available with plush fabrics which have chopped memory foam blend within it. The soft and cozy back of the chair works as a great support when you are sitting on the floor. The size of the chair is 41.2 x 6 x 21.2 inches and weighs somewhere around 12.5 pounds.

This fabric gaming chair will not just serve as a blessing for only gamers but also for couch potatoes or those who love getting lost in books for hours. This easily transferrable chair can be kept at any place in your house, be it a bedroom, kids’ room or the living area of the house. This is an adjustable game chair which supports and is adjustable to 14 different ways of sitting. No matter what the eve is, this chair will always prove out to be a blessing in any kind of assembly of people whether you are watching a movie with your friends, or up to playing games or just having a chill time with some beer and a little bit of conversation. There are various pros and a few cons of possessing this all-event compatible chair.

Feasible price
Ultimately comfy and supportive
Supports 14 different positions of sitting
Multiple colors available to choose from ( 8 colors are available)
Can be used by people other than gamers for other purposes
This fabric gaming chair is one thing that will definitely add to your home’s interior look as well as serve to be the most favorite place to sit in your home.

N Seat Pro 300 Series Ergonomic Computer Chair

N Seat Pro 300 Series NS-PRO300_WT Office Gaming Ergonomic Computer Desk Executive Chair Furniture with Pillows, 360 Degree of Rotation, Black/White

By N Seat

The N Seat Pro 300 Gaming Chair is the best of best gaming chairs in terms of versatility and mobility. One can easily move around, without having to get up, in this chair and reach your satisfaction of not killing the laziness that is coming from within. The comfort level that which chair has to offer to its users is next-level. This unbelievable little comfort zone is priced very competitively. The thick padded synthetics used to make the sitting region of the gamer chair designed ergonomically give a sheer comfort level to the chair. The high quality of PU leather which is used to decor and gives a sexy look to the armrests highlights the seductive lines and built of this chair.

This comfortable chair is light in weight as it weighs only 15 kg (33 lbs) with a seat width of 53 cm, seat height of 46-56cm, backrest height of 76 cm and the seat depth of 51 cm. The synthetic leather used to design this chair ergonomically gives a rich look to this chair. It also comes with a button to adjust the tilt of the chair with lock function. This computer chair is available in multiple color pairs. These color pairs are as stated – Black and Black, Black and Blue, Black and Green, Black and Red and the last one, Black and white. The ultra-supportive chair comes along with a pillow support at the back of the chair to rest one’s head.

It is a really handy as well as manageable chair because the material of which it is made viz. PU and PVC leather makes it really easy for the user to clean it. This is a chair which makes reaching out for things way easier for you because of its 360 degrees rotating and mobility feature.

Available in multiple colors
Exceptionally built
Sexy looks
Value for money
This is the ultimate choice for people who seek a durable and supportive chair for gaming or office purposes.

X-Rocker 0717901 Ottoman Sound Chair with Arms

X Rocker 0717901 Triple Flip 2.1 Storage Ottoman Sound Chair with Arms

By X Rocker

Always confused between a proper gaming chair and a sofa that would offer you all the comfort of the world? The solution to your problem has just been found. Be it a binge watching day, a movie spree eve with your friends or a binge gaming plan, this PC gaming chair is here to support you through all your possible plans. This ultimately relaxing and comfortable chair will keep you upbeat for a time you cannot even imagine of. You will get tired of not being able to get tired of this comfortable armchair.

When you are done with all the sitting positions that you can get into while being on this great chair and you feel like stretching your legs and body to relax a little, this comfortable chair will still not fail you. The under-seat compartment to find you stretching on the same place as you have been sitting for hours is sheer ecstasy. This footrest, when opened, will give you a king-vibe which you can never get off.

This is not just it when it comes to the features of this multi-talented chair. This gamer chair is also blessed with two speakers along with a subwoofer which provides one a total 2.1 sound immersion experience. These speakers are compatible with anything with the use of a headset or RCA technology. This is the final resort of all those people who are lazy and when once gets into any place, do not get up for hours.

Inbuilt speaker with subwoofer
Foldable footrest
Side pockets to keep objects like remote, etc.
Under-sear storage compartment
One can even think of buying the AC Adapter for X Rocker Pro Wireless Game Chair along with the chair at a combo price which is very low.

Mophorn Reclining Racing Chair with Footrest

Mophorn High Back Reclining Chair 360 Degree Swivel Racing Chair Executive Racing Style Computer Gaming Chair with Footrest PU Leather Computer Office Chair (Black and Red with Footrest)

By Mophorn

Looking for a PC gaming chair that is as comfortable as sexy as it looks? Here is where your search ends! It has been in the air for too long that there is a living soul in the Mophorn gaming chair, holding up to affectionately grasps your spine as soon as you enter its arms.

This heavenly chair is priced at a low rate which is totally worth the money. This gamer chair is just available in red and black color. It has a depth of 25.99 inch with a width of 31.5 inches and height of 43.3 to 47.25 inch as it is adjustable. This chair comes with a footrest so that one can feel free to relax and chill their legs while playing and not losing even a single minute of the game. This footrest is supported by such technology which enables one to pull it out and put it inside as per the wish of the user of this gaming chair.

The makers of this reclining gaming chair do not miss on providing a high backrest along with the shape of a Racer chair which will ensure that a proper support is given to the spine that rests on it and also the neck. Then, the 360 degrees rotating feature of this chair and the 5 chair which make this thing portable are an addition to the glory of this multi-talented product. One can use this gaming furniture to decor their office rooms or their gaming rooms at home; it is totally up to you.

The sturdy frame of this gaming chair comes with highly dense foam and good quality leather gives a luxurious feel to whosoever that gets into it. Also, it gives amazing stability to the chair.

Very Stylish and premium looks
Sufficiently padded chair
Footrest feature
This is not just a gaming chair, rather a Racing Sport Reclining High Back Swivel Chair with Foot Stool. Now that sounds so fashionable! So, why not think of possessing this man-made perfection.

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What benefits do gaming chairs have over other chairs?

Some gamers put in more effort to enhance their gaming experience. Some choose a gaming chair while others don’t pay much attention to the chair on which they are sitting. Any gamer spends long hours sitting at the same place; this can damage their spine, resulting in stiff joints, back pain, and a limited range of motion. Most gamers are affected by these problems at some point in time. So, it is logical to sit on a comfortable office chair since you would be sitting for hours at a stretch. If you play computer games at work or at home, it would be a wise decision to buy a quality gamer chair that would protect your back. A computer chair designed specifically for gaming would be a better choice. Some of the major benefits of gaming desk chair are mentioned below.

  • Comfort

Comfortable chairs are important not only for a better gaming experience but also for health-related issues. Gamer chairs are designed in such a manner that they can be used for long sitting. In general, office chairs are designed in such a way that they blend in with the environment of the office and do not stand out. These chairs have the potential to damage your spine if you sit on them for prolonged hours. Soft material is usually used to construct gaming chairs. They do not cave in as easily, hence you can spend long hours per day in the sitting position without incurring much damage to your spine or back.

Comfort is a very important requirement for good gaming chairs. There are various models that do not incorporate various extra features. Rather, they focus primarily on the seating comfort of users. Comfort is not the only factor that dominates the benefits of PC gaming chairs. The risk of damaging your health gets reduced if you use the best gaming chair. Several health benefits are associated with a gaming chair that you cannot afford to overlook.

  • Seating Comfort

We discussed the seating comfort in the previous point. Let us go a bit deeper on this topic in this section. Gaming chairs for players plays a lot of importance on the comfort of the user. An added benefit of comfortable chairs is that they will prevent back pain. They do not put much pressure on your spine and avoid health-related issues. These chairs also help to keep a check on other discomforts that may result due to improper or uncomfortable sitting.

Some models offer extra features such as vibration motors, massage and heating pads, and so on. All these extra features embedded in a computer gaming chair enhance your gaming experience. The massage and heating pads provide extra pressure on the back for support. The massage is surely good for your back. All these features ensure a relaxing experience while you enjoy an intense gaming session on these game chairs.

Gaming chairs also offer the flexibility to choose the position according to your needs. You can opt for a position that best suits your requirements. Adjust the position as per your needs and enjoy an enhanced gaming experience. Since you would not be distracted by any discomfort, you will be able to devote your complete focus to your game. Gaming computer chairs offer increased seating comfort and also keeps a few health problems at bay.

  • Quality Gaming Sessions

The best gaming chairs offer lots of amazing and cool features to accommodate various activities that you might perform while playing your favorite game on the computer. Most models come with integrated speakers, built-in vibration, 2.1 AFM technologies and much more. Some are also equipped swivel capabilities that allow gamers to move around quickly without straining themselves or getting up from the seat. This enables you to experience better gaming sessions and enhance your gaming skills. Some chairs for gaming are equipped with other unique features that distinguish them from other chairs like the ability to control certain features of your TV or audio speakers in the headrest. Though the major benefit of the gaming desk chair is comfort and rest, there are a lot of various features and added benefits offered by gaming chair of different brands depending on the price.

  • Facilitate Better Posture

The best PC gaming chairs can help to maintain good posture. These chairs are strategically contoured so that they keep the back straight and support your spine. Regular chairs often lead to back pain and bad posture. Bad posture may to other health issues. Chairs for gaming prevent these posture issues, thereby preventing health problems in the long run. If you go for good gaming chairs, not only will they avoid bad posture, they also tend to improve your posture.

  • Prevent Neck Problems

Prolonged sitting elevates the risk of neck pain, cervical spondylosis, and other aches that can affect the upper back. The best gaming chairs can help to prevent neck problems and also reduce stiffness. Choose a model with removable pillow or headrest to avoid neck problems.

  • Improved Circulation

Computer gaming chairs offer another health benefit. They promote healthy blood flow throughout the body, resulting in reduced muscle stiffness, better cardiovascular function, and decreased pain. Gaming chairs are a good investment not only for gamers but also for those people who spend a lot of their time sitting.

  • Easy Storage

If you live in an apartment or a small house, you would want to use your space efficiently. Gaming chairs take less space than regular office chairs due to their compact design. Most models can be easily folded up to reduce dimensions. In other words, you can change their place effortlessly or store them away.

  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Compared to an office chair, computer gaming chairs are easier to clean. You can clean it within minutes whether you choose a fabric chair, a faux leather chair, or a bean bag. The gaming chairs for PC require minimum maintenance. They last for years; therefore you can get the worth of your money if you purchase game chairs.

Can gaming chairs improve your gameplay?

Yes, the best gaming chairs can improve your gameplay to a certain extent. They enhance certain aspects of your gaming session which leads to improved gameplay. For example, if you use a computer gaming chair that is equipped with immersive sound, your alertness increases. If your game chair features good audio quality, your gaming experience improves significantly. But the audio quality also depends on the quality of your speakers or headphones as well since not all speakers are created equal.

It is important to understand that a gaming chair does not make you a better player. For that, you would need to practice and focus. But comfortable chairs can help to increase your focus and alertness. Since you will be more relaxed and comfortable in a game chair, you can focus better on winning the game. Let us have a look at the features that can improve your gameplay experience.

Built-in speakers & AFM technologies: Many video rockers and pedestal style chairs are equipped with a sub-woofer and 2 speakers. They incorporate Audio Force Modulation or AFM technology that uses the hollow volume of space within the chair and frame of the chair to vibrate and amplify, hence providing richer multi-sensory entertainment value.

Wireless receiver/transmitter: It allows the gaming PC chair to connect to an assortment of audio and video players possessing Bluetooth capacity. Some models also come with RCA stereo outputs and optional RCA cables.

Vibration motors: They can sync to your output bass frequencies as well as with the audio from the game. The audio associated with explosions, crashes, gunfire and other types of impact that are translated into vibration signals and transmitted to the motors which vibrate the chair. This makes you feel as if you are actually present in the battlefield. They take the gaming experience to another level.

Cup holders & side pockets: Many v rockers and pedestal style gaming chairs come with placeholders and storage compartments for controllers, drinks, etc. This makes it convenient to keep food and drinks at a close distance. You can now play your game uninterruptedly without having to get up to get your things.

High-quality padding and pillow cushioning: Some PC gaming chairs are equipped with these for greater relaxation and support and promoting proper posture and blood flow at the same time. They ensure relaxed and comforted seating when sitting for a long duration of time.

Massage and Heating Pad: Both the executive and racer chair may incorporate built-in massage motors as well as heating pads to relax your back while you enjoy your extended gaming sessions.

What features should I look for in a Gaming Chair?

PC Gaming need not be uncomfortable. The most comfortable office chair is almost as comfortable as a plush recliner. They can also last for at least a few years.You just need to get the best ergonomic office chair. Find a manufacturer that incorporates ergonomic designs in their gaming chairs.

The best gaming chairs contain a combination of the following features. You should consider these features before purchasing a new gaming office chair.

  1. Ergonomics: This is the most important feature for gamers. The best PC gaming chairs help to improve your posture. They offer arm support, lumbar support, and numerous controls that allow the user to make adjustments. This means you can customize your game chair according to your body type and height. A gaming PC chair that encompasses all the bases is on the pricier side. You will have to make compromises if you settle for anything less. The general rule of thumb is it is better to have a greater number of ways to adjust your computer gaming chair. Here are the main adjustment features that you should consider:


  • Height control. This is a standard function for almost all gaming office chairs.
  • Armrest height control. This is not a common feature. Fixed height armrests can lead to discomfort; so try to get a game chair that offers adjustable armrest.
  • Tension control. This allows you to loosen or stiffen the tension level of the backrest. This changes the amount of pressure you would need to apply to lean back.
  • Backrest lock. Some models allow you to lock the backrest in addition to controlling tension.
  • Seat pan slider. This feature enables you to slide the seat of your chair in the forward or backward direction with respect to the backrest.


  1. Material. The best gaming chairs are made of either mesh or leather. Your chair must complement your body temperature. The wrong choice could make your comfort level head south for prolonged gaming sessions. Choose your gaming chair based on your bodily requirements. For example, some gamers get sweaty while others go into a cold reptilian-like state. Mesh material is very breathable. It is a great asset for gamers who are on the warmer side. The leather is good at retaining heat; hence it is suitable for gamers who get cold easily.


  1. Style. Looks and style of gaming chairs for PC are important for many gamers. Who doesn’t want to sit in a stylish chair while playing their favorite game? The chair need not be an aesthetic masterpiece. Also, it should not look like it will fall apart next time someone plops their seat enthusiastically. A gaming desk chair should be sturdy and well-designed. Depending on your preference, you can go for a flashy chair like a racing chair. On the other hand, if you need a comfortable office chair, you can buy an all-black leather chair as it will be more appropriate for the office area.


  1. Gaming chairs are more comfortable than sitting in a desk chair. You feel sore if you use a regular chair for prolonged hours since these chairs were not designed with gaming in mind. While purchasing a gaming office chair, you should consider the comfort level associated with the chair as you would be spending long hours seated in the chair. Seating comfort is an important feature that you should keep in mind while purchasing these chairs.

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