10 Best 1440p Monitors for 2018

Best 1440p Gaming Monitors

When it comes to choosing the top gaming monitor for your desk, it is a real tough job. Would you prefer Ultra-Wide or High Definition, maybe both? The latest advancement in visual technology has made really tough to decide the best gaming screen.

Even the most alluring brands like Acer, BenQ or ASUS strive to give you a screen with a spectacularly wide High-Definition framework that can harbour features like flicker-reduction, backlighting and also an extremely responsive G-Sync facility. Imagine the ability to immerse into a virtual arena with lively graphics that makes your game so lively on the screen.

Be sure to be dazzled by the sensitive response rate and 4K imaging that can also be flexibly adjusted to a comfortable posture that suits you. However, it is crucial that your screen, which is actually the most dominating asset to your gaming desk, must satisfy your individual needs.

Compare the specs of some of the best monitors for gaming and decide what suits you the best 4K or 1440p, Curve screen or an ergonomic axle? When it comes to gaming, you really can’t settle for anything less.

To make your job easier, we’ve come up with the best gaming screens that you can go for.

Ultra High Definition Display packed with the latest NVIDIA G-SYNC technology; the Acer XB271HK is an ultra wide screen which is sure to encourage your lust for visual supremacy. It is the ultimate package that features spectacular video support and is all in one package for all your gaming needs. While viewing the Acer’s Predator XB271HK, gaming monitor what we need to talk about really is its NVIDIA G-SYNC feature which is actually what gives this predator the competing edge. Sometimes while playing games with the high definition, we see that the video in the monitor just can keep up with the demanded frame rate.

Acer’s Predator with its 27 inches and 3840 x 2160 4k display equipped G-SYNC technology eliminates any such picture tearing and video disruption that could hamper your game and gives helps you in having the best experience in gaming. It has an incredible aspect ratio of and pixel count that can make your game graphics look even more enhanced and lively, not to mention the spectacularly adjustable Ergo-Stand that can tilt, pivot, swivel as well as move up or down in order to allow you to have an even amazing viewing experience that suits your comfort. It is also VESA mounting compatible that is like the cherry on top for its super-adjustable features.

Not only does the NVIDIA G-SYNC feature helps synchronise your monitors refresh rate coupled with a powerful GPU that eliminates picture tearing but also is pumped up with two in-built 2W speakers with world class sound quality that makes the game come alive. Enjoy the lively 4ms response rate with the boom of real life sound experience; it seems that you will be immersed in the game for a long time. Besides, the Predator XB271HK is guaranteed to give you hours of lavish gaming because of its EyeProtect’s Flicker-less screen and also don’t worry about overtraining your neck because the monitor’s ergonomic design allows you to relax in the position you prefer due to its perfectly flexible tilt feature which also vertically and horizontally adjustable. Equipped with features like HDMI, a 3.0 USB Port and Display Port, this 4K computer monitor can handle a large amount of data transfer as well as connect easily to your mouse, keyboard, gaming headset and smartphone. A few added features are that the Acer Predator XB271HK monitor is also Energy Star and RoHS compliant whereas its EcoDisplay technology and LED backlighting reduces power consumption by 60%. Not too bad, it is Eco-friendly both to the environment and on the wallet.


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Amongst so many 1440p monitors in the market, this seems to stand out as exceptionally because of its incredible 2560x1440 edge-to-edge frameless display that packs an incredible punch to your eye socket when it comes to gaming monitors. It has a staggering 178 Degrees ultra-wide viewing angle that is supported by AH-IPS technology which aids your gaming visual effects by eliminating the unnecessary colour shift from any direction especially the virtual game environment. Gamers would be absolutely thrilled to hear that ASUS Sonic Master Technology which is Co-developed by Bang and Olufsen ICE power is on board and is programmed to deliver immersive premium audio performance.

Clearly, the ASUS Designo MX Series Displays are a work of Art exactly why its latest addition the MX27AQ ranks as one of the best gaming screens with 1440p picture quality. Not only does it have a silvery design but also a well-crafted bezel-less framework.Then again just judging its looks will not do justice to the MX27AQ as it also comes with several amazing features that are worth the trouble. Along with its QHD resolution and 27-inch AH-IPS display, it features a 16:9 aspect ratio LED-backlit AH-IPS panel with a 178 degrees wide view that allows the minimization of any unnecessary colour is shifting on both a horizontal and vertical basis. This means you can not only decorate your entire gaming desk with its slender design but also enhance your gaming graphic experience as it ensures quality visual from almost any direction. The ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) ranges up to 100,000,000:1 and also spectacular 300cd/m2 brightness.

Its augmentative display sharpened by its backlighting is capable of achieving the greatest depth in blacks and whites to deliver a livelier colour balancing as well as picture quality. ASUS has designed its MX27AQ to not only give you the best experience that a 1440p gaming screen can provide but also take good care of your eyes. Its special Eye-Care feature is programmed to ensure that your gaming experience remains strain-less and fatigue free that can be caused by several sorts of miss-lighting. Its Flicker-Free technology removes on-screen flicker through the use of Smart Dynamic Backlight Adjustment in order to avoid low brightness levels that may lead to High-Speed LED backlight flashing. It also comes packed with a protective Blue Light Filter that can shield your eyes from the harmful blue light.


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The XL2730Z by BenQ is quite popular amongst professional gamers, not only as one of the best 144 Hz gaming screens but also because of it QHD resolution. It has an outstanding VESA Standard Adaptive-Sync technology which works hand in hand with its 1ms GTG response rate that has bagged an all new flagship in the gaming arena. It is recognised for its smooth as well as fast gaming performance and its ability to process fast moving actions without any smearing or ghosting. Let’s not forget about BenQ’s new Motion Blur Reduction Technology that tactically enhances your gaming experience to be ultra-smooth and free of blur. Enjoy at the most 20 levels of colour vibrancy that inculcate all types of gaming preferences. The XL2730Z is also able to detect and fine-tune any sort of brightness thanks to its new Black Equaliser Dynamic Colour Engine technology that can take your visual optimisation to a whole new level. There is also an Auto Game Mode in the XL2730Z that is able detects the genre of the game currently in action and changes the settings according to the games corresponding requirements. This particular feature allows promotes the interaction between fellow gamers as one can share the game modes via cloud storage.

The BenQ XL2730Z is undoubtedly manufactured for the ultimate gaming experience as visible from its improved resolution and faster response rate. It has an exclusive RevolutionEye technology is meant to allow gamers to have an incredible gaming experience like never before and also enables them to be comfortable as well as relaxed at the same time. The credit for this speciality of the XL2730Z goes to its Black eQuilzer feature that takes visual adjustability to a whole different ball game. It is programmed to detect the light input source on the screen and automatically fine tunes the brightness level.

Its colour vibrancy can go up to 20 levels that allow gamers to adjust it according to their particular type of gameplay. A good gaming screen must always have the ability to make their user attain a comfortable posture while gaming otherwise their neck might feel cramped. The VESA Standard Adaptive Sync technology supports AMD Radeon graphics cards in order to deliver a perfect gaming image, and preset screen allows on screen adjustability. Furthermore, the dimensions of the screen are designed with the purpose of assisting the gamer to a more comfortable posture while it has an ergonomically optimised top-handle along with majestic aluminium built that increases mobility and style.


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Speaking of Samsung WQHD LED, it has proved to be a much better option if you are looking for a brightly lit monitor gaming experience. It is close to the ideal 6500K temperature, having 6760K colour temperature. It is clearly one of the best 4k screens in the market today, here’s why. Starting with the sleek design, it has a very profession and clean look. It is simple to move and tune it into a different angle, as and however you need. The stand does not move, and thus it makes easier when you have to readjust the screen several times. The Samsung’s port slots make everything easier, having so many in places.

There are single dual-link DVI, DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 connections along with numerous USB ports. The ports are on one side than being on the rear, making them very easily accessible and tidy to look at. Such is the obsession of Samsung with remarkable designing. Even if the assembly is quite heavy as compared to other 1440p monitors, it is still very slim. The product dimensions without stand are 29.18" x 17.36" x 2.69" giving you an ultra-wide screen gaming experience. The Samsung WQHD LED has a matte screen coating, decreasing artificial lights’ reflections to the minimal. This screen would look perfect on any decent gaming desk, like the ones we reviewed here. The pointy and distinctive design of this screen is due to the screen’s bezels been angled inwards.

One drawback being not having 100 percent colour coverage out of the box, it is a very sleek screen that knows how to display all the images beautifully. Samsung even has made available a VESA mounting plate in the box, so that you may just hang the screen on a stand or a wall. This cuts your hardware costs for buying whole new extra equipment for the very same purpose. The VA technology is known for giving good viewing angles, great brightness levels and accurate colours. A pair of 3.5mm audio jacks provides an amazing sound experience, not wanting to let you leave the area. The screen hits a 96.1 percent of sRGB gamut, which is an excellent result. The special gaming mode makes it smooth and lags free when you want to have a gaming experience. However, keep in mind, that this is no gaming system.


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If you are a gaming lover, then Asus is a known brand to you. You already have enjoyed their products and the quality. The products launched by the company include a range of screens which run at 144 Hz, supporting both G-Sync and Free Sync adaptive refresh rates. The latest in the row is Asus ROG Swift PG279Q Monitor. This is the very first product from the company to adapt the G-Sync display.

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q Monitor supports a 27-inch widescreen with a 2560x1440resolution, which is sharply designed to make your experience rich. This screen is also amongst one of the very first screen displays which support 2560x1440 at 144 Hz. This screen is designed in best of the interests of gamers. This premium product from Asus comes with all the essential gaming features. The solid AHVA panel well supports the 27'' screen which is running at QHD resolution. The native refresh is 144 Hz but the introduction of an over clock option into the OSD allows the rate to go up to 165 Hz over display port.

You can be assured that your screen will work nicely at the advertised speed because its performance is well checked before the delivery. The AHVA technology used is a slight variation in the IPS technology which is known to offer superior off-axis performance. The use of AHVA will essentially provide the better view angles and the other benefits which are associated with it. For the gamers delight, Asus ROG Swift PG279Q Monitor support not only 165 Hz panel but also Nvidia’s G-Sync adaptive-refreshing technology. Along with this, it also offers ULMB motion-blur reduction, Gameplus, a hot-key and all another usual lineup of different gaming modes. There is no doubt that you will get noticed immediately at a LAN party when you enter carrying this attractive, nicely styled framework supported with a solid stand.


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These modern day technologies are so promising that now nothing feels impossible. One tremendous growth can be easily marked in the gaming technologies. These are attaining the new levels each day and to match these technologies market is continuously launching new and improved products. One such product is Acer XG270HU FreeSync monitor. Acer is a well-known brand to launch very best monitors supporting the latest technologies, and this XG270HU is no exception to this.

This monitor supports the FreeSync mode also known as adaptive mode, popularly. FreeSync matches the output signal of the video card to the frame-rate of the display, eliminating any tearing artefacts. Besides FreeSync is a part of display-port and therefore it requires no branded hardware to implement. The Acer XG270HU FreeSync monitor offers a frame rate range varying from 30Hz to 144Hz. In addition to the FreeSync, the Acer XG270HU is a 27’’ widescreen monitor which support QHD 2560x1440 resolution. This high-resolution screen is endorsed by the TN panel which is manufactured by the AU Optronics. This display is a total gamers choice and to top it all it promises you a flicker-free experience.

It provides a white-LED edge array backlight which runs on constant current. The usage of constant current eliminates the flicker and improves your overall experience. Unlike earlier version which used a 6-bit panel and frame rate conversion to sync with an 8-bit signal, the Acer XG270HU FreeSync monitor uses 8-bit colour depth technology. This is a top quality technique which adds life to the pictures on the screen, and they appear almost alive. Acer is known to break grounds with its new products; following the trend this monitor is one of the very first from any mainstream brand to bring you a 144 Hz refresh rate in an IPS panel technology. This becomes more interesting knowing that it is QHD. This is an absolute treat for all the gaming enthusiasts who are typical to choose their gaming monitor.


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There is a whole new world waiting for you when you hit the ON button on your Monitor. The pictures, these tiny pixels create are mesmerising and your eyes get stuck on them immediately; these displays have become much more than just any screen on the table. With their increased use in the home entertainment and for office-work, the latest releases of these displays are now backed by the advanced technology and the finest specifications. BenQ GW2765HT Monitor with zero flicker & little blue light is the newest release from the very trusted brand BenQ, and this is one monitor to look out for this season.

This BenQ GW2765HT is developed to meet both the needs of work and play. The greatest attraction in GW2765HT is its flicker-free resolution display which promises no flickering at all the brightness levels. This is an essential upgrade as flickering is responsible for causing the eye fatigue which is a growing problem in recent times due to increase in the use of technology. Another important update in this BenQ display is the introduction of Low Blue Light technology. This is again a development to give more relief to your delicate eyes. Blue light coming out of monitor screen is the sole cause of various eyes problems; this low blue light mode will keep the blue light exposure to a minimum adding more comfort to your overall experience.

The technology also promises you an improved reading experience with adjustable screen brightness, contrast ratio, and sharpness to further keep your eyes strain free and healthy. One more exciting feature the BenQ GW2765HT offers is advanced IPS technology panel along with 100% sRGB screen technology. This latest technology support will give you a whole new level of enjoyment with the finest precision of every colour from every angle, a technology making it all look unbelievably real. High resolution and large screen size with an extensive range of monitor adjustments, BenQ GW2765HT, is released with every comfort you possibly can ask for.


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Juggling between the work and home, you have no option but to spend a good portion of your day in front of your monitor doing one stuff or other. All this get a little frustrating when your display is dull and doesn’t excite you much. Well, to save all your boredom you can jump to Acer K272HUL Widescreen LCD Computer Monitor. The fact that it is available on a moderate budget makes it a more likeable choice.

Already declared as the best product in the mid-range budget by the critics, this Acer K272HUL is an absolute delight for people who want to enjoy the latest technology without making a hole in their pockets. Acer has emerged as a leading brand in the market with its promising range of products. This latest release will again prove the worth for which the company stands. K272HUL is next in the super-slim K series, which is known to fit nicely in any space. This is a plain-looking monitor which supports an impressive 27’’ widescreen display with a 2560x1440 resolution. The 16:9 HD digital content is available to prevent the distortion of the image on the widescreen LCD.

The compatibility is great considering the availability of a substantial array of video ports which include a DVI input, two HDMI inputs and display port input/output. This monitor offers a remarkable 100 million: 1 contrast ratio which guarantees a crystal-clear picture experience. With a unique fighter pilot mode and a widescreen, the Acer K272HUL presents a cinematic view for you. The embedded 2-watt speakers add more to the overall performance. Acer K272HUL delivers exceptional picture quality using In-plane switching variant. The body of this monitor is simple and can be adjusted as per the need. Though unlike all other displays here you can only manage to tilt the monitor up to 25 degrees, including a five degree forward tilt and a twenty degree backwards tilt.

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How amazing would it be if you can enjoy the high definition gaming on a monitor that fits well in your budget as well? It will be incredible, isn’t it? Well, then get ready to cash this amazing experience at an affordable price with Acer XB270HU. Yes, you get it all right. The new Acer XB270HU is launched to suit both, the gamer you and the office-going you with its balanced features.

Designed in a casual manner, this Acer monitor is easy to fit in your space. The monitor stand can be comfortably adjusted in all the positions including swivel, slide up and down and rotation on its base. The 27’’ widescreen promises a visual pleasure is presenting a WQHD 2560x1440 resolution. This high resolution enhances the picture quality, making the images almost come alive. This Acer XB270HU promises gamers an unforgettable experience with new NVIDIA G-SYNC technology. This technology synchronises the GPU render rate to the monitor’s refresh rate for the fastest and glossiest gaming adventure. To further increase the excitement, a speedy 144Hz refresh rate along with the 4ms response time is used to deliver ultra-smooth motion scenes which will enrich your in-game experience.

The best part of this technology is that you will face no smearing or ghosting during transmission of the fast-moving action in the game. There are two built-in 2W speakers to help you enjoy the world-class sound quality. The 100% sRGB and 6-axis colour adjustment technology will almost add life to the pictures on the screen. The use of the IPS display enriches the colour quality. Acer XB270HU is highly suitable for the long gaming hours, thanks to its adjustable designing standards. The flicker-less technology saves your eyes from fatigue. A promising Acer Eco display technology works to reduce power consumption by using the mercury-free white LED backlighting. This monitor is launched in black colour adding to its sharp outlook.


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Technology is fast moving, and better products are coming each day. No wonder that today the focus has shifted from 1080p to 1440p. Once most sought after, 1080p is seen to be fast replaced by the 1440p. Almost all the leading brands are launching newer displays supporting the 1440p. The latest in the row is ViewSonic VP2770-LED Pro 1440p Monitor. ViewSonic is already an established brand known for its quality products.

The monitor released has a solid look and great feel. The design has given a more professional look with a muted black finish, and the anti-glare hard coating panel surface is used in order to enhance the outlook further. ViewSonic VP2770-LED Pro 1440p monitor offers you a great luxury of adjusting the display according to your height and requirement. You can slide up and down the screen, pivot it and even tilt it suiting your ease and also you can switch between landscape and portrait mode. This 27’’ widescreen display supports WQHD 2560x1440 resolution along with the 16:9 LED ratio. The monitor supports DVI-D, HDMI, USB, Display Port and VGA input ports.

There is also a four-port USB hub lets you connect with every sort of peripherals which include all kind of keyboards, thumb drives and hard drives. The ViewSonic VP2770-LED Pro 1440p monitor delivers accurate colours out of the box. The IPS panel provides excellent view angle performance; there is no colour shifting and no loss of luminance. To keep the reflections minimum, this display uses matte anti-glare treatment. Turning the Eco settings on will help you to maintain the electricity bill to a minimum. In standard mode, it consumes 40 Watt, but only 30 Watt with Eco set mode. The delivered package contains a user guide which is helpful for the set-up. The ViewSonic VP2770-LED Pro 1440p monitor is energy star certified and comes with a warranty of 3 years. It is highly compatible with Mac, and Windows and is ideal for both laptops and desktops, making it a great gaming monitor.


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Why should I choose a 1440p monitor over a 4K monitor?

With a number of advanced technical features, it has become very difficult to pick the right screen for browsing, gaming and office needs. When choosing a monitor, one of the key features we ponder upon is the resolution. Higher resolution requires an advanced graphic card that has good processing capability. Earlier, the 1080p resolution was the most popular resolution for gaming.

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However, today, 1400p and 4k monitors have hit the market and are gaining popularity. The 4K is considered to be the successor of 1080p resolution. It doubles the display both horizontally and vertically. The 1440p resolution is Quad HD that displays at the rate of 144Hz. This will make you enjoy gaming with a much smoother display and a higher resolution than full HD. Hence, the 1440p monitor is highly recommended for an awesome gaming/working experience.

The 1440p is better than 4k monitors in many ways:

  • Compatible with Screen Size: Most people think that using a 4k monitor is better just because of its high resolution but fail to realise that the clarity from 1440 p to 4k only improves when you have a 30” screen and you are sitting at a distance of 5-6 feet away from it. The 28” screen also tends to cause trouble. This means, apart from the monitor, you will have to invest more on the display to reap its benefit.
  • Speedy: The 4k gaming monitors display 60 frames in a second or 60fps, which is very limited. While the 1440p runs at the refresh rate of 144Hz and the response time are just 1ms. This makes the latter super fast compared to the 4k monitors. The speed is maintained so does the quality of the graphics. Move and spin as fast as you want but everything remains crystal clear. If you are into shooting games, then 1440p is the perfect option.
  • Better Scaling: 4k is not a good option when you have a 24-inch screen as it may cause scaling problems. The high PPI (pixels per inch) of the small screen will make the font smaller and is likely to force you to scale now and then manually. However, the 1440p monitor does not have this downfall. A screen size exceeding 24 inches is enough while gaming.
  • Cost-effective: 1440p offer sharper and fluid display without spending too much on a larger screen. On the other hand, the 4k monitors will work smoothly only if you invest a hefty amount on a much larger screen and spend furthermore on a GPU (graphics processing unit) to drive it.

All these parameters prove that upgrading or buying a 1400p monitor is an excellent choice. With such better image quality, fluid display and cost effectiveness, it has become a favourable choice for most people.


Can I use a monitor for both work and gaming?

A computer monitor is a display screen which uses LCD technology to visually present content from a computer, video camera or any video device. There was a time when users were solely dependent on using the normal monitors for all purposes, but with the coming of gaming monitors, the way people browse and play computer games has revolutionised. The key function of gaming monitor is that it works much faster than the normal one. If you are really into gaming, you not only need the latest headset, but a comfortable chair like the ones we reviewed here. The picture quality is much better than the PC monitor that ensures fast and smooth gaming. Moreover, modern gaming monitors have large screen size mostly 24 inches and 27 inches.

With the increasing craze for computer games, special gaming monitors are used for playing computer games. However, this is not the device’s only function. Gaming monitors can be used for work and many other purposes as well.

  • They can be used for watching your favourite videos and movies. With the amazing and crystal clear image display, watching movies can be much more fun especially when you are interested in sci-fi and animation films.
  • Gaming monitors can be effectively used for displaying documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Whenever there is an emergency, and you have to hold office meeting at home, the multi-beneficial gaming monitors can save the day by projecting your PowerPoint presentation in superb quality that will impress your clients.
  • They facilitate excellent video conferencing. With fantastic image quality, it will give you a great chat experience. The monitor can also be used when you are conducting a business meeting with foreign clients.
  • Today, gaming monitors are extensively used by photographers, videographers, cartoonists and other multimedia professionals. This is mainly because the monitors display visuals absolutely They also aid in video and photo editing. They eliminate blur and show the visuals clearly.
  • Gaming monitors can also be used for multi-tasking; two applications can be simultaneously opened, thanks to the wide
  • Some gaming monitors have dual HDMI ports which allow you to connect an HDMI device along with your gaming console. Hence, one can also connect watch television on the screen.

Hence, gaming screens are not just limited to playing computer games. With their excellent colour resolution, contrast ratio and audio-video playback, they can be used for many other things, including work. Not just at home, gaming monitors can be extremely useful in offices too.

Why use a monitor over a TV?

There was a time when a monitor and a television had its own functions, but with the wide applications of monitors, they are fast eliminating the need for a television. The TVs can be easily substituted with a monitor. Monitors can not only be used for gaming and computing but also to watch TV. With a monitor’s advanced features, it is an ideal choice when it comes to gaming. Here’s what makes monitor a reliable choice over television for your gaming needs.

  • Higher Resolution: A monitor usually has a higher resolution as compared to TV. Just like PC’s, TV’ also have HDMI resolutions that include 720p, 1080p and 4k. Gaming monitors have resolutions that are as high as 1440p which are very clearly much better as compared to the others.
  • Response Time: Response time refers to the time taken by the device to follow the user’s command. With the advancement in gaming monitors, the response time is usually 2ms or 5ms. However, TV manufacturers do not pay attention to this feature. Most TVs have a response time of 8ms-17ms which is much slower when it comes to gaming needs.
  • High Pixel Density: Most of the television sets still rely on 1080p resolution, unlike 1440p possible with gaming monitors. The low resolution causes the visuals to lose detailing when projected on a 27-inch As a result, the images tend to get smudgy. Gaming computers have a high resolution display much clearer images.
  • Higher FPS: Gaming monitors have an fps of 60Hz of 144Hz. Though television also has 60fps; the fps often reaches to 120. However, this is not true; television has a lot of ‘fake frames’ i.e. it deliberately adds predictable frames in between the actual ones. However, as soon as one starts playing games, there is a lot of motion blur that makes the gaming experience quite poor.

Having so many added benefits and features, a gaming monitor is always the right choice. The prices of both these products are quite competitive, but a screen is a clear winner for gaming needs as compared to a TV. And in that case, televisions lag much behind the new gaming monitors that offer top-quality features.

Top Pick

If you wish to enjoy a good gaming session, having the right setup is very important. Most people spend a large chunk of their budget on GPU and other things, ignoring the monitor completely. Moreover, if you are serious about gaming, you cannot afford to do that.

This ASUS Designo MX27AQ Monitor can be the perfect screen you have been looking for. With a Frameless LED display and a 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution, this is ideal for gamers and professionals alike. So, if you love watching movies or playing games on the same monitor or any other office work; this can be a good choice. This Asus gaming monitor also features AH-IPS technology that supports wide viewing angles up to 178° and also helps in minimising colour shifting for a better viewing experience.

Moreover, if you are a serious gamer, playing for long hours will not be an issue, thanks to the ASUS Eye care technology that reduces eye fatigue and allows you to enjoy your game for extended sessions. Some of these products can also help with RSI in your wrist whilst playing. And when it comes to the audio quality, no gaming lover will compromise on that and rightly so. The ASUS Designo MX27AQ Monitor won’t disappoint you, all thanks to the ASUS SonicMaster Technology that offers premium, immersive audio for a great gaming experience. Truly a top-pick!


Premium Choice

The Acer Predator XB271HK 27-inch Monitor, just like the previous Acer gaming monitor (X34), looks like a winner. With Ultra HD images and seamless gaming, this gaming screen can be a good choice if you are not someone who can compromise with the quality. The device features 27-Inch IPS UHD Widescreen with 3840 x 2160 resolutions that allow you to see even the minor details and fully immerse yourself in the game.

Also, the viewing angle can be adjusted with ease, enabling you to enjoy the gaming experience in a comfortable viewing position. This Acer gaming monitor has a great design and looks good to the eyes, but it definitely doesn’t come cheap at all. The device features only two video inputs, but even then the pros clearly outweigh the only minor drawback.

The picture adjustment features it offers the Acer’s eColor Management that allows you to allows picture preset and includes Standard, User, Movie, ECO, and Graphics modes.  When it comes to performance, the Acer Predator XB271HK 27-inch Monitor is a clear winner, thanks to its 4-millisecond pixel response, along with blur-free motions and quite seamless gaming experience. The colour accuracy this gaming screen offers is good, too. This is undoubtedly a premium choice for a gaming monitor!


Great Value

The BenQ XL2730Z Gaming Monitor is another top quality gaming monitor from BenQ that you can go for. Like its predecessors, the BenQ XL2730Z Gaming Monitor offers excellent gaming performance, thanks to its Quad HD resolution and Twisted Nematic (TN) panel technology with AMD’s FreeSync dynamic-refresh technology.

The device has a number of top quality features such as including a fully adjustable stand, speedy 144Hz refresh rates, gaming presets, and a quite a few of I/O ports that make it a fine gaming screen to go for at this price. FreeSync is AMD’s answer to G-sync, and it truly performs no less than the latter – controlling the refresh rates to reduce tearing and ensure blur-free gaming experience. The gaming performance is truly what you expect from a BenQ gaming monitor – outstanding.

The 144Hz refresh rate and 1-millisecond pixel response and accurate colours ensure a smooth and steady gaming experience. The BenQ XL2730Z Gaming Monitor is not a lot cheap but compared to what it offers for this price; it has a high value for money.

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