AMD Radeon VII Gaming Graphics Card Review

AMD Radeon VII Gaming Graphics Card Review

A Graphics Card That Will Last 

Good graphics cards are hard to come by. With most models, you have to replace them every couple of years. They’re just not built to withstand the ever-changing gaming industry. However, the AMD Radeon VII is not like most graphics cards

It’s built to last for several years, and it has a lot of features that will help it run the most graphically demanding games of 2020. Radeon has poured every resource that they have into the Radeon VII, and it really shows when you load up a game. 

It provides a smooth experience, it minimizes tearing, and it won’t be obsolete in a few years. There isn’t much more that you can ask for from a graphics card. So, we’ve gone ahead and written about the features that make it such an amazing graphics card, and we hope that you’ll love it as much as we do. 

Tons of V-RAM 

The AMD Radeon VII comes with 16GB of V-RAM. That may not sound like a lot if you’re used to just reading general RAM specs, but that’s more than double the amount that you actually need for high resolution gaming. 

The average graphics card comes with 4GB of V-RAM built-in. Most higher end models have 8GB. So, 16GB is overkill for most games, but it’ll allow you to play the most demanding games with 4K graphics. The Radeon VII is absolutely ridiculous in terms of power. 

It’s also worth noting that the 16GB of V-RAM helps to future-proof the Radeon VII. Since most current games require 8GB or less, there is plenty of room for growth with the Radeon, and it should stay relevant for at least a few years. 

Free Games With Purchase 

If you purchase the Radeon VII from participating retailers, you’ll get to add three AAA titles to your collection for free. That may not sound like much for gamers that have been amassing a collection for a while, but it can really help a new guy out. 

Participating retailers will include the new Resident Evil 2 reboot, Devil May Cry 5, and The Division 2 with the Radeon VII. So, you can test out the graphical power of the Radeon immediately. 

No Screen Tearing 

Screen tearing is annoying, and it’s unacceptable when you pay good money for a high-quality graphics card. 

Screen tearing is a graphical glitch that happens when your graphics card isn’t powerful enough to handle the image your game is rendering. The Radeon VII is optimized to prevent screen tearing. 

This is all due to the FreeSync software that is utilized by the Radeon VII’s engine. The software actively prevents screen tearing by optimizing your rendering rates. 

Overclocking Capabilities 

The Radeon VII has plenty of power with its standard settings, but sometimes it won’t be enough for more demanding titles. If that’s ever the case, you can overclock the Radeon VII to run at 1750MHz. 

When you overclock your graphics card, you allow it run at full speed. That can be detrimental if you do it all the time, but it allows graphics cards that are too weak for certain games to run them smoothly. It’s also good for playing demanding games on ultra-high settings. 

The First 7NM Experience 

The gaming world is constantly evolving, and that means that graphical capabilities are constantly evolving, too. The Radeon VII includes 7NM technology to allow it to play the most demanding titles in 4K resolution, and it won’t stutter or tear in the process. 

7NM technology was developed to give the AlienWare MLG team the fastest gaming experience possible. It wasn’t even meant for general use. However, The Radeon VII is was given the honor of being the first graphics card to utilize the high-tech GPU. 

Radeon Chill 

Radeon Chill is a program that actively adjusts your game’s frame rate while you play. It will determine the right FPS for any given moment. So, if you’re just walking around a tranquil environment, it’ll cut the FPS down a little. However, when you’re in the middle of an intense firefight, it’ll boost the FPS to the highest level possible. You won’t even notice the difference, but it helps to save the amount of power that your computer uses. That leads to lower utility bills, and that leads to happier gamers. 

VR Ready 

VR is cool, but the best VR gaming headsets require a ton of graphical power. In fact, most gaming computers can’t even handle them smoothly. That has mostly excluded less financially empowered gamers from enjoying the VR experience. 

However, the Radeon VII has solved that. It’s not a cheap graphics card, but it is cheaper than most high-end graphics cards. On top of that, it’s fully prepared to power your favorite VR headset. So, it’s a great option for people who couldn’t afford VR before. 


The AMD Radeon VII is a great graphics card at a great price. It has plenty of features, and it’s strong enough to power the most demanding games out there. It isn’t the best graphics card on the market, but it’s a good one, and it doesn’t cost as much as some of the other graphics cards with the same features. 

You might want to invest in a better card if you plan to play the most demanding games on their highest settings, but the Radeon VII will satisfy the vast majority of gamers.