11 of The Best Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirrors Reviewed

Best Lighted Vanity Mirrors For 2017

Throw away that cracked old mirror and pick up a new lighted magnifying vanity mirror instead!

Doing your hair and makeup need not feel like a complete chore, it can actually be really quick and easy with the best vanity mirrors. Owning a good vanity mirror is essential and these vanity mirrors can be used at home, at the office or even on an airplane – wherever you need one, you can bet we’ve got just the perfect model for you. Check out our list below and find yourself a new magnified or lighted vanity mirror today.

Vanity Mirrors: Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping for something slightly out of the ordinary way of bathroom mirrors and those standard handheld models could leave you wondering which product you really need. We break down our review into a few categories so that it is easy to find what you’re looking for and get just the right information to help you make a purchase. Below we have some of the most frequently asked questions about vanity mirrors for your convenience. All you need to know about vanity mirrors and why you should buy one are right here!

What is a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

This is a vanity mirror that has lights either outside or inside the frame, in order to illuminate your face while you put on your makeup or do your eyebrows. The reason that people have put lights inside of vanity mirrors is because it is the best way to get clean, consistent results for your cosmetics. The lights along the side of the mirror will get rid of any shadows which are obscuring your face and making your skin tone look uneven. In other words, they get rid of the risk of over-working one side of your face due to bad lighting conditions. There are three types of lighting that you will usually encounter in these mirrors:

LED – short for ‘light emitting diode’, these bulbs are small but powerful, and they can give off a pure white light for a low energy cost. This technology is best for regular customers because there is less room for shadowing and discolouration.

Fluorescent – these are the types of lights you find in most supermarkets or offices, and they’re essentially gas tubes which light up when fed electricity. These bulbs are energy efficient and emit a constant stream of off-white light, and work well to limit shadowing and colour distortion.

Luminescent – the most common lightbulbs you’ll find are luminescent, and they can be found in just about every household. They emit a lot of excess heat, and the light they emit often seems yellow or orange in colour. If you think of a Hollywood star doing their makeup in front of a mirror you probably imagine a big frame of these lights around a huge mirror!

Another reason why these are so important is that at night it is very difficult to get sufficient light to do your makeup even when you do manage to find a bright room. They will likely be overhead lights which cast a big shadow on your face, or you will have to face the light and possibly shine a harsh light in your eyes when you’re busy. The lighted makeup mirrors all emit a soft but vibrant light that will be bright enough to work with, but not so bright that you have to squint to see. They can be a life saver when you’re travelling, because you never know what type of facilities you might have in your hotel room or guest room when you arrive.

What are the Different Types of Mirrors?

There are four main types of mirrors that you will find in our review, because they each have unique benefits and drawbacks. For example, you might need to do a lot of detailed work – you’d go for a magnified mirror. If you’re looking for a no-mess no-fuss mirror you would prefer one that is mounted on the wall and out of your way for when you need it. Here they are, in no particular order:

 Vanity Mirror

The traditional vanity mirror gets its name from the place it used to be kept – a vanity cabinet or desk in your bedroom! They are usually fixed to stands, and they can be angled for the best view of your face while you apply make-up, do your hair or apply accessories like earrings. The vanity mirror has a big advantage over larger bathroom mirrors because you can take it on your travels. There are even different lighted and magnified mirrors that you can find in different brands which make them even more useful to suit your needs.

 Wall Mounted

These mirrors are best for bathrooms and bedrooms, because they will not be portable at all. You would fix a wall mounted mirror to your wall by drilling holes and using screws, and often these wall mirrors can swivel outward or sideways to make it easier to use at an angle. The benefit of having a wall mounted mirror is that it will be perfectly still while you work, and you won’t have to take up extra counter space that can be used for cosmetics instead. You can work with both hands free, and you might even want to mount it at a height that you can sit down and relax while you do your makeup.


Lighted mirrors provide you with an even lighting across your face as you apply make-up, so these are useful in low light and even bright lighting environments. These come in both portable and non-portable models, and might be a little pricier than the other models. Consistent lighting will help you to apply your makeup evenly and also prevent you from putting too much make-up on to try and adjust for shadows or lines that could be caused by low light conditions. There are different strength lights that you can get, and they also have different lights in them such as fluorescent or LED bulbs.


These mirrors are great for those close up details like using an eye-pencil or having to brush your mascara on without leaving big black streaks along your cheek. Use a magnifying vanity mirror to apply careful designs and give yourself that perfect touch of makeup without overdoing it. Magnifying mirrors can come in both the vanity style and the wall mounted style, and they can even have lights on them too!

Where Can I Buy a Vanity Mirror With Lights?

You can find vanity mirrors with lights at some home and furniture stores, but we suggest ordering one online to avoid the rush of the malls. On our list we have some fantastic mirrors with lights, such as the Zadro Dual Sided LED Lighted Satin Nickel Mirror, which is great for mounting in bathrooms, or the Impressions Vanity Hollywood Studio Bulb Mirror that provides a full portrait view that is hard to beat. The price of these mirrors vary quite often because of the power of the bulbs and whether they are rechargeable or have batteries. Bear in mind that a mirror that needs batteries could let you down if you don’t remember to pack spares or buy rechargeable batteries. Our advice would be to purchase a rechargeable lighted vanity mirror so that you bypass this problem altogether.

When you receive your mirror you should immediately check if the lights are all in working order as advertised, as many of the manufacturers offer warranties on your purchase if one of the bulbs has blown or has been poorly installed. The way to properly test the lights on a vanity mirror is to turn them on and let them shine for a good 10 to 15 minutes to check that everything is in order. If you do order online you should also check if you need to purchase batteries, otherwise you will need to go to the shops to buy them after your mirror has already been delivered.

Can I Take a Makeup Mirror On a Plane?

Airlines have banned many convenience items, but a makeup mirror is not one of them. You can take your vanity mirror on any trip, for both local and international flights. There are a few reasons to take your mirror with you, such as when you need to prepare for a business meeting that you’re heading to. Having your mirror with you will allow you to do your makeup right in your seat instead of having to hold people up by using the cramped airplane bathroom. If you’re sitting in the middle row of the aircraft, you probably don’t want to have to irritate the other passengers and ask them to move just so that you can do your makeup. Keeping a vanity mirror in your hand luggage will allow you to whip out your cosmetics right there, and do yourself up pretty without even having to get up.

The lighted mirrors will be perfect for night time flights or arriving very early in the morning, because they provide consistent light on your face no matter what other ambient lighting is around you. You may be visiting family or friends in another state and need to look fresh even after an overnight haul, but you don’t have to worry about missing your eyeliner or smudging your mascara if you’ve got your trusty portable vanity mirror with you on your travels. You never know when it will come in handy, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Do I Need a Makeup Mirror?

You might not think that you need to fuss with a dedicated makeup mirror, but you would be surprised at how they can revolutionize your daily schedule. You can save so much time and effort by doing your makeup correctly the first time, but with older or cheaper mirrors there is a good chance you’ll have to go back and correct mistakes more often. It’s also just a nightmare to have to lean across the sink to get close enough to see what you’re doing, and nobody needs that kind of stress when they’re creating a masterpiece.

If you’re a jet setter and you travel around the country (or internationally), picking up a vanity mirror will be one of the best things you do today – they’re cheap, and they beat any hotel bathroom mirror hands down. You will be able to do your makeup just as perfectly as you do at home anywhere in the world if you own one of these best vanity mirrors. Be warned – once you’ve had the pleasure of using one of these products, you’ll never look back to the old stock standard handheld mirrors again. Some of these mirrors are so compact that they will fit in your handbag, and this is a huge convenience for women on the move.

Make-up artists will benefit greatly from having their own makeup mirror for some obvious reasons – they will need to practice their designs on themselves, and the best way to do this is with a reliable make-up mirror that gets you the best view of your face. You will definitely need a vanity mirror if you intend to do professional beauty work, they are a staple for all beauticians and makeup artists. Magnification is helpful for performing fine detailed work, and lighted mirrors are perfect for getting an even tone with makeups. They really are the best accessory you will add to your collection this month, so don’t hesitate to pick one up today!

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