Best Hair Clippers for 2017

Best Hair Clippers for 2017

Instead of making frequent visits to the salon and spending a load of cash just to get your beard done, modern gents prefer to just purchase a set of hair clippers for their home convenience. Imagine the trouble you could get into if you wake up late one morning with your unkempt beard and you have an early morning presentation to deliver! Surely, you wouldn’t stop to go to the barbershop to get that fixed at that hour!

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see that most men and boys today are keen on choosing the right hair clipper for their own personal use because let’s face it; having a hair clipper at home does have its perks! Whether it’s for a Mohawk or a stubble or just regular manscaping tactics, arming yourself with a pair of hair clippers really helps to maintain your personal grooming standards. Hair clippers are essentially comb-like blades fixed at the forefront of the instrument, engineered to trim or cut the hair of any length depending on the size of the blade affixed to the device.

There is a variety of choices available for the best hair clippers currently on the market for you to choose from. Each hair clipper will have its own specifications and design and it is up to you to decide what suits you best. Moreover, the essence of owning a hair clipper comes with the advantage of creative control, something that makes you experiment with newer and bolder hairstyle choices. The finest hair clippers are definitely an asset to your creative kit and in fact, if you haven’t used them before, then let me tell you, you will be quite attached to this incredible device very soon!

Check out some of the top hair clippers which are the usual favourite of many!

All things considered, you just cannot ignore the special feature of the Oster hair clippers, i.e. the four comb adjustment. Just think about how many styles you can do with your beard and your hair!
Our Rating:
  • Easy to Hold: Unlike several other hair trimmers available in the market, the Oster hair clipper is lightweight with a firm grip space and easy to hold while you shave down your nest of a head full of hair!
  • Perfect decibel level: Even though it is equipped with a pivot motor, the Oster hair trimmer does not make much noise and it usually falls below around sixty decibels.
  • No burning: With its extensive packaging, the Oster hair clipper may get warm over time from prolonged use, but it will never become too hot to burn you, which is not the same for other popular hair clippers.
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By Oster
Enough said, the BabylissPro Lithium hair clipper is equipped with razor-sharp edges to give you that accurate and clean bearded look!
Our Rating:
  • Supreme Blending: The BabylissPro Lithium hair clipper is oh-so-very popular due to its supreme blending techniques.
  • Lightweight: Often you end up doing your hair for hours at an end. This hair trimmer is lightweight and is surely a delight for your hands!
  • Easy to maneuver: Sometimes the area behind the ears becomes a little tricky to manage. Well, not with this one of the best hair clippers.
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By BaBylissPRO
If you are ready to have a multi-color hair clipper kit around you rather than the dull razor and scissors normally used, the Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Clipper & Trimmer Kit can be bought at an affordable price.
Our Rating:
  • Multi-color glide combs
  • Soft touch grip
  • EM cutting system
  • Self-sharpening high-carbon-steel blades
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By Wahl
If you are getting late for a party but still want to trim and style your hair in fashion at the rate of knots, this lightweight and waterproof Remington Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers is the best choice for you.
Our Rating:
  • Rechargeable
  • Water-proof
  • Curved stainless steel blades
  • Light-weight innovative clipper
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By Remington
The Wahl is a trusted and user-friendly brand that supplies the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Hair Clippers at an affordable price. If you can overlook the ease of cordless clipper and the essence of the corded clipper, you should surely give a try on this.
Our Rating:
  • Fastest V9000 EM
  • Adjustable taper lever
  • Adjustable blades
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By Wahl Professional
This Wahl professional clipper is a complete professional hair cutting kit, having 13 guide combs, which provides you with all the exclusive accessories at your home.
Our Rating:
  • 13 Guide combs
  • DuraChrome finish
  • Professional haircut kit
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By Wahl
Priced reasonably, this hair trimmer is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a slim and sleek product that gets the hair cutting job done with ease.
Our Rating:
  • Durable and convenient
  • Reasonable price
  • Detachable carbon brushes and blades
  • Slim design
  • Ultra-fast dc motor
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By BaBylissPRO
If noise is not an issue for you, you can definitely go ahead and get this Wahl hair clipper which known for it’s finely ground self-sharpening blades and a protective guard for a safe hair cutting experience.
Our Rating:
  • Has a taper level.
  • Finely ground self-sharpening blades.
  • Cordless battery trimmer
  • Comes with a protective guard for safety.
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By Wahl
The protective guard around the blades, magnetic motor and attachment combs make this hair trimmer a good product for trimming your hair. Plus, it is reasonably priced, making it one of the finest hair clippers for men.
Our Rating:
  • Blades come with protective guards
  • Magnetic motor that enhances performance
  • Attachment combs that help you to tame tough spots
  • Easy maintenance
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By Conair
Boasting a sleek and ergonomic design along with a great battery backup, you can definitely go for Sminiker Professional Cordless Hair Clippers & Scissor Kit for your hair trimming needs.
Our Rating:
  • Sturdy and power-packed performance
  • Long-term durability
  • Great battery back-up
  • Ergonomic design
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By Sminiker Professional

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Buyer Guide Questions for Hair Clippers

  1. What kind of hair clippers do professionals use?

It is a common misconception that professional hair stylists would use the same personal grooming products for their customers as others do. Well, let me explain further. Professional hair stylists and barbers look for certain features and benefits while purchasing a professional hair clipper, also known as barber clippers. Unlike us, they completely rely on these tools to carry on their profession and not just for common haircuts that have been around for the past century. With the ever-increasing and dynamic fashion industry, professionals look for minute details while purchasing an electric hair trimmer. Professionals require a set of specific features in their tools and that is why they invest a lot of thought and money into their purchases.

For instance, the Wahl Pro 8546 is an extremely popular product and a common favorite among professional stylists. Not to mention, it is the first ever personal grooming hair product to be installed with a lithium-ion battery and you can only guess how cool that is! Check out some of the features of the Wahl professional hair clippers:

  • Battery Backup: A state of the art equipment with a battery which can fully charge up to 45 minutes and what’s more, it has a quick charge feature which can give you twelve minutes (that’s something which is sufficient for one single use) of continuous use for only fifteen minutes of charging. Professionals seek a hair trimmer which does not require to be charged now and then and can get their work done in a swift.
  • Display Icons: A front display function with four LED lights showing when to put the device in charge is also a quite handy feature, something which most of the finest hair trimmers have in store.
  • Efficient Motor: A hair trimmer must be facilitated with a motor which works for all hair types. The stronger the motor, the more expensive the product will be. It needs to be a versatile component whether it is used for chopping down forest-like hair or making a modern faux hawk.

Some other factors to be considered while deciding on one of the best hair clippers for men:

  • Price: The price of the finest hair clippers is usually a deciding aspect for a number of people. A high percentage of best-corded hair trimmers are costly to a certain extent, in general. However, It is very much possible to get hold of top quality corded hair trimmers at a cheaper price, but these usually have a couple of flaws here and there, making it a bad return on investment for you in the longer run.
  • Portability: Though most hair trimmers are lightweight and easy to carry around wherever you go, some of them can be heavier. Further, some (or in fact many) hair clippers get hot after extended use, making it difficult to carry it and hence, becoming a portability issue.

Whatever be the style of choice, a professional is expected to treat the hair like his canvas and create a piece of art!

  1. What is the use of hair clippers?

Ever come across a situation when you are running late for a date and on top of that, you just celebrated No-Shave November! Fancy running into a barber then? I guess not! That’s when you will realize the importance of a hair trimmer. It is the single most device which will get you a clean-shaven look with one swift and ready for your date or a more masculine stubble to enjoy a boy’s night out with your buddies with one quick stroke! Whatever be the style of your choice, the benefits, and advantages of having a personalized haircut trimmer outrank the frequent visits to the barber shop. Let me give you a gist of the advantages of owning a personalized electric hair trimmer:

  • Have you ever thought how much money you would save if you owned good hair clippers? Think about it. Once you have your own personalized haircut trimmer, you would not have to go to a salon and spend a load of cash on getting your hair or beard done. Thus, the more frequently you cut your hair, the more money you save.
  • It gives you a sense of confidence once you become the proud owner of such a device. Cutting your own hair with these magic clippers makes you feel more independent and self-sufficient. We all realize that cutting your own hair is a crucial task. So once you are out in the open, you become more willing to take on more challenging tasks.
  • Instant styling is at your fingertips! I mean, you can change your look every day, keep your hair short or long, make your beard look more dense or scarce; all you need is right there in your hand. The most important aspect is that you get to look fresh and energized each day you come up with a new style.
  • Having your own set of hair clippers also allows you to experiment with yourself. I mean, haven’t we all been to the barber and got a haircut with their barber machines that we didn’t like later? With your own personal hair clippers, you can try out newer and bolder hairstyles and look amazing!
  1. How do you taper your own hair?

By now, you must have realized that cutting your hair at home is a great advantage in this generation. With all the hustle and bustle of our lives, cutting your own hair will give you that sense of peace, calm and control over your lives.

Wondering about how to taper your own hair? Feeling afraid of how to cut your own hair with clippers? Worry not, just read on.

  • The first step would be to assemble all that you need right in front of you and those would be, your electric hair trimmer with the three attachments of ½ inch, ¼ inch and 3/8th inch, a comb, a mirror and a pair of scissors.
  • The next step would be wet your hair for maximum precision and just towel dry so as to keep the hair dampened.
  • Make selected sections of your hair and let loose the segment which you want to cut.
  • Start cutting the portion you according to your preference with the kind of attachment that you desire and work your way all throughout the other segments which you want to cut.
  • Make use of the shortest attachment to blend and use your hair clipper without the attachment to go around your ears and the back of your neck safely.

So now you know. However, this is the most basic form of haircutting tutorial and there several other hairstyles for you to choose from.

  1. How do I clean my hair clippers?

After some use your hair trimmer might not be able to provide the cleaning it used to offer before. The main cause can be tiny hairs being stuck between hair clippers. For better functioning of your hair trimmer, you need to make sure that the hair clippers are properly cleaned every time after use. Below mentioned are few tips on cleaning the men hair clippers.

  • Empty the compartment-

Some of the hair trimmers have a tiny box or compartment just below the metal blade that collects the hair during trimming to avoid unnecessary hair over bathroom floor or sink. For better performance of hair trimmer, make sure that the box is emptied and cleaned, so it can be used next time more easily.

  • Use the hair removal brush-

Almost all the hair trimmers come with a small brush to clean the hair clipper. You can use that brush every time to clean the hair off your hair clipper whenever you cut your facial hairs(shave) or hairs over the head. You can also use an old toothbrush as a substitute to clean off the hair clipper and metal blades (in case if you don’t have that small brush that comes along with the kit).

  • Use the hair clipper oil-

Using water to wash and clean the metal blades might cause the metal clipper will rust over time. You can use a drying agent like mild alcohol to dry your clipper (as it will avoid rusting of blades). After the blade has dried, you need to apply the hair clipper oil (is usually comes along with the cleaning kit) on the metal clipper. The oil will polish and maintain the quality of the hair clipper.

How do I sharpen my hair clippers?

If you are having troubles cutting your hair properly when using your hair trimmer then maybe your hair clipper blades have gotten dull. Dull hair clippers are common for most of the hair trimmers. The metal blade becomes dull after some long term use. They can not only create problems during the hair cut but they can also leave uneven lines during the trimming process. Below mentioned is the step by step process for the sharpening your hair clipper.

  • Step 1-

First, you will have to undo the metal clipper. Remove all the screws and take out the top blade carefully.

  • Step 2-

You can use a soft cloth to remove the debris from the blade or you can also clean it using the cleaning brush.

  • Step 3-

Just like sharpening a knife, you have to rub the blade against a sharpening stone. A couple of few swings would be enough to sharpen the hair clipper blade.

  • Step 4-

Use soft cotton to remove dust and rust (that came out during the sharpening process). You can also apply alcohol for thorough cleaning and sterilize the blade (Alcohol can help you clean the rust from old metal blades more easily and it is also a good sterilizing component).

  • Step 5-

Now all you have to do is to put the blades back in place. Assemble the blade and secure the screws tightly.

  • Step 6-

Now clean your trimmer completely and check whether the blades are working properly or not.
This process might help you increase the sharpness of your metal clipper. A sharp hair clipper makes it easy for cutting and styling both facial and head hairs.

  1. How do you sterilise hair clippers?

    Whenever you use your hair trimmer, the metal clipper comes in direct contact with your skin. Hair clippers must be regularly sterilized and cleaned after it is used. If the blade is not properly sanitized, it can cause some serious bacterial infections to your skin. Below are some of the methods of sterilizing hair clippers.

First of all, make sure that the hair clipper is clean (you can use a cleaning brush or a soft cloth to wipe remaining hairs or debris). Now remove the blade from the trimmer for sterilizing process.

  • Alcohol-

Alcohol is a good sterilizing agent. You can use alcohol to remove unwanted rust and debris. It also dries off quickly (It is preferred to use alcohol wipes in place of liquid alcohol).

  • Disinfectant-

You can also use a liquid disinfectant to sterilize your hair buzzer. Most of the hair trimmers are sterilized by this process. You will have to prepare a disinfectant solution then dip the hair clipper in that solution for some time. Then you can take it out, let it dry and clean it off using a soft cloth.

  • Vinegar-

Distilled white vinegar solution can also be used for sterilizing your hair clipper. Soak the dissembled blade in the solution for some time, then take the blade out of the solution and rinse it with water. Wipe the blade with a soft cloth and then allow it to dry.

There are multiple sterilizing agents available in hair salons and commercial market. You can use them to sterilize your hair clipper. Sterilizing hair clippers is very important for salons because hair trimmers are used for different costumers and they are safer to use after they are sterilized.


Reviews that suit you

  1. Best Value for Money

The Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro Haircut Kit is a top-notch grooming kit that comes with a range of hair cutting accessories, power-packed dynamic motor, a set of color-coded combs and a complete manual for step by step guidance. It has an ergonomic design and a soft and comfortable grip that makes it essentially convenient for use. The hair clipper comes with an adjustable taper level that allows users easily blending besides creating customized hairstyles effortlessly.  The heavy duty motor enhances its performance and makes it more durable.

The finely ground self-sharpening blades are replaceable and help you in achieving the precision you desire, thus making the clipper a versatile product. However, the best part about it is it has color coded guide combs that are connected to respective color coded keys which help you to identify particular combs, remember everyone’s favorite hair length and connect it to the desired keys almost effortlessly. It saves you all the hassle. The high carbon steel blades are designed in such a way that they would remain sharper for extended periods of time. It literally has every quality and comes within US$30 and is the best value for money!

  1. Great All-Rounder

The Oster Limited Edition Fast Feed Hair Cut Clipper Professional Pro 76023-76 is an amazing hair clipper that combines convenience with innovation and sleek design. It has adjustable self-sharpening high carbon blades that make it the most convenient and preferred clipper for cutting the hair of any length or achieving a detailed precision. What makes it truly exceptional is its pivotal motor that allows one to cut hair even when it is wet.

It comes in an attractive color shade of silver and has protective guards around the blade to offer added safety while trimming. It has four adjustment combs and has an adjustable taper level that allows you quick and efficient results. It is lightweight, portable and has a compact design besides having an easy to hold the hair buzzer. They use muffler technology and do not make much noise or vibration. It retains battery life and doesn’t face overheating problems over extended periods of usage. It is well suited through even heavy nests of hair without getting stuck or burning anyone’s scalp. The fact that it’s wireless makes it more convenient and durable. It is a versatile device and has all qualities one could ever ask. It is notably a great all-rounder hair clipper.

  1. Top Quality

The BaBylissPRO Lithium FX Clipper is a cordless clipper suited to all hair types. It comes with a power-packed lithium battery that retains a charge for longer durations of time. It has quick charging option and you could use it cordless for more than an hour. It is a versatile device that has an exceptional motor and self-sharpening adjustable razor blades to help you achieve the desired precision or crisp styles.

The blades are Japanese steel blades which offer efficient and smooth cutting. Besides, it has been designed for all round-fading and it has a slim design and easy to hold the body. It is light weight, comes in an attractive color shade and has a compact design. It has no overheating problems and is one of the most inexpensive, top-notch cordless clippers available on the market. It has size 1-8 comb attachments to help professionals experience the best cutting experience. It has an ergonomic grip and soft and comfortable control that makes it more convenient to use. Its blades are designed to achieve the perfect precision and it aids in close detailing and shaving. This men hair trimmer also provides quick results. All in all, this device is durable, convenient, efficient and versatile and boasts of its top quality, making it one of the best hair clippers for men.

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