9 Best Fidget Spinner Toys of 2017

9 Best Fidget Spinner Toys

So what are these spinners? What do they do and who makes them? And which is the best fidget spinner to buy? We find out in the review article below.

If you have a hyperactive toddler who just won’t stay put for even a few minutes, or dealing with a stressful situation, then chances are that you are in need of a method to de-stress and take your mind off the chaos.

What if I tell you, there was a solution? And no, I’m not talking about the laptop, or iPad or even the mobile phone. It just a weird looking, toy spinner! Yes, as hard to believe, it actually is as simple as that.

These hand fidget spinners are the recent phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. The great news is, these are not just for the kids, but also adults specifically those suffering from anxiety, stressful episodes and other serious conditions such as ADD, ADHA, and Autism have also benefitted from these small hand-held hand fidget toys.

Let’s first have a look at the best nine variants you will want to buy straight off the shelves.

The simple design and function make it the most demanded toy in the markets today. Plus, it is available at such an attractive price that anyone can just give it a try. Moreover, it is extremely quiet and spins smoothly. So, bring it home or gift it to your loved ones, you will see how irresistible this spinner toy is. A must-have for smokers who wish to quit, for those who are looking for something to keep them from dozing off during a meeting or long drive and autistic and other related conditions.
Our Rating:
  • Super smooth spinner.
  • Spin lasts for 3 minutes on average.
  • Quality ceramic ball bearings.
  • Unbreakable frame.

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By Raptor Fidget Spinners
The high-quality manufacturing and the experience one gets out of it, cannot simply be put into words. The quality spinner is very durable, robust, and made from the premium care that makes it the prime choice of most of the experts. Moreover, if you want it for rough usage, then you will find it to be a great option as well. One of the smoothest, premium quality products, this spinner is highly preferred by most of the pros. However, it is great for kids, and those suffering from anxiety, ADHD, ADD, autism, etc. as well.
Our Rating:
  • Premium quality.
  • Durable.
  • 2 minute 28 seconds spinning action.
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By ZekPro
A great product available at such an amazing price, this one not just looks attractive in all its golden shine but also works great for both adults as well as kids. The product works wonders for anxiety, stress and other disorders. A wonderful product and that too available at such an attractive price. The finish, the color and the appeal all make it the best value for money toy for the young and old alike.
Our Rating:
  • Silent.
  • Spinning action lasts 1-3 minutes.
  • Very attractive price.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings.
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The quality, price and built make it a good choice for people regardless of age. The normal general public will be fascinated by the way it works as well as the people with autism, and other sensory issues will benefit from it. It is simplistic in design and helps build your concentration. A mid-priced spinner made from the high-quality to last long. If you are just getting started on these spinners, you will love this one.
Our Rating:
  • Strong.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Gives a three-minute long spin.
  • Shatter resistant body.
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By Holisouse
The glow in the dark feature makes it a great choice. It is one of the fascinating attributes for the young kids especially. Moreover, the wide variety of color options, the simple design, and concept are all the factors that contribute to its popularity. Kids, as well as the older generation, will love this glow in the dark high-performance spinner. The price too is not too high but the average of the overall market rates of these spinners. This makes it quite affordable for all.
Our Rating:
  • Available in 19 colors.
  • Glow in the dark.
  • High-quality plastic.
  • Smooth spinning action.
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The appearance, the smooth action, and quality design are all worth bringing it home. It is built to get you the most attention no matter where you are. Enjoy the small, spinning wonder anywhere you go and let all the stress and anxiety to go away for once and for all. A unique looking spinner, with all the basic functions and spinning actions, available at a great price. Best for beginners as well as professionals who are looking for a unique option.
Our Rating:
  • Classy design.
  • Sturdy.
  • Silent performance.
  • Smooth spin.
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The handmade spinner is available at a great price, with all the basic features of a good spinner. The quality and smooth spinning action make it great for use by kids and adults alike in any and all situations. It is a safe choice for beginners and sturdy enough to withstand falls. All in all, a well-made spinner, which the best for kids and beginners. The quality, function, and strength of the spinner at such low price is worth it.
Our Rating:
  • 100% guarantee.
  • Shatter resistant.
  • Central finger grips.
  • Noise free action.
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By 7D Customs
A quality hand spinner that is not just easy to get on to, but also a wonder to look at. It is helpful for autism, ADD, and ADHD conditions, and other anxiety disorders. Available at an affordable price, well-designed and quality product. If you like the design you will ultimately love the performance.
Our Rating:
  • Shockproof body.
  • Durable.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 5-minute spinning action.
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The fidget cube is a small device great for stress-relief at the office. It also helps you in curbing all the undesired and bad habits like smoking, nail biting, pen clicking etc. and helps keep you focused and attentive on the task at hand. People with special conditions such as ADHD and autism also find it to be relieving and help them concentrate. An alternative to the stress ball, this is designed to give your fidgeting habits a rest and help you in stress relief at the workplace.
Our Rating:
  • An active stress reliever.
  • Portable.
  • Comfortable to use.
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By Vafru

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Buyers Guide Questions

If you are a parent like me, you are probably tired of taking away your child’s tablet over and over again and constantly trying to reduce screen time. However, the attraction and wailing never cease to end.

How about this better option; a simple handheld device to take your child away from the screen and that too for not just a few minutes?

Here, these spinner Fidgets are the newest addition to the handheld toys. In fact, calling these a toy would actually be wrong, as they are not just attracting the kids and youngsters but also the older people and those suffering from special sensory issues are fascinated by these small strange looking devices.

What Are These?

The products, as you can see by the name, simply ‘spin’. If you are a natural fidgeter or have trouble concentrating, just a simple diversion in the hand goes a long way.

These can easily fit your hand and just require a single twirl – which even a two-year-old can easily do to get it started.

So, what are these fidget toys made of?

The very center of these spinners has a ball bearing. This enables it to spin around and give you a clockwise, anticlockwise and other feature packed spinning function. The quality, of course, goes a long way here as the better the grade material used the smoother it spins. Find out how to make your fidget spinner spin faster here.

These products come in various designs, Colors, sizes and types. The best way to know which one to buy is to give them a try!

However, still, there are many other factors you need to consider before buying the right one.


The internet is flooded with good quality fidget spinners. You have to check out the reviews and know the most popular of the lot based on their features. Such a thing is not hard these days. The fidget spinners available at amazon also come with a rating which will tell you how good it actually is. Other features to look for are:

  • Special shapes.
  • Glow in the Dark.
  • Spinning options.
  • Designs, etc.


Okay, so you know kids will just be kids and may be fascinated by probably the most unimportant of things. Particularly the wheels, balls, and things that spin. But why are adults increasingly following the trend and becoming part of this craze?

Best for Use in the Office

These are so named to help you stop fidgeting and instead concentrate and get back on track. These are great as office anti-stressors too.

At the office, people who are more engrossed in fidgeting or get easily stressed out, these EDC items provide a better alternative to hand tremors and other signs of anxiety. So it’s also a good thing for keeping your sanity and general mental health. Just like the stress balls, however, these get you busy for much longer and let you get all the anxiety and stress out while going about your work.

Also if you have a higher tendency to daydream and just lose yourself during the extra boring presentations, this small device will keep you focused and literally awake throughout the day. 

Best for Autism, ADHD & Anxiety

The strange looking, yet fun devices are not just for the ordinary. These have been claimed to attract the attention of the people suffering from ADHD, anxiety and autistic issues.

Since ADHD particularly requires some way to help the people stay focused, for the daily routine tasks as well, these toys work great! These help them stay cool, calm, relaxed and be more productive in whatever they set out to do.

Since these are pretty distracting, they can easily take your mind off anxiety and whatever it is that may be bothering you. Plus, all this comes at such a low price, compared to all the mobile phones, tablets, etc. 

For General Mental Health

These ADHD fidget toys are so occupying that you will often see people around you with these in restaurants while walking, on the subway and even at the movies. A great alternative to mobile phone addiction amongst the young and old as well. This spinner also helps you in the release of excess energy. Instead of making frequent trips to the kitchen for a quick – often undesired snack – or bombarding your innocent colleagues with undesired reproaches or actions, you will find yourself to be more focused and productive.

Moreover, these products have also caught the attention of house cats all over the world! The rapid spinning action, just cannot be simply ignored.

How Do these Spinners Work?

Often our seemingly harmless actions may be causing a certain disturbance and may even be considered annoying to the others around us. For instance, consider someone constantly subconsciously making a humming noise, or clicking and unclicking a pen, etc. Such harmless actions may be making it harder for the others to concentrate or work.

These items actually get to the ‘bored’ side of you and distract it to start thinking and using the time effectively. Plus, these are absolutely silent. So there’s absolutely no way that you could be disturbing the peace and quiet of the surrounding. (Unless of course the person in the room is annoyed by even how you eat food or sit for that matter.)

Advantages of Fidget Toys

  • These help you get rid of the addictive screens.
  • The least destructive way to express anxiety and stress.
  • Work well in preventing binge eating.
  • Helpful in curbing the unhygienic involuntary activities such as nail biting.
  • A wonderful device for those who wish to quit smoking too!
  • A fun device to play with.

Factors to Consider

  • The Size of the Hands

There are separate EDC toys designed for the smaller and larger palm sizes. You can look for the attributes of each, or try to get the feel in the hands for an even better analysis.

Usually, it all depends on how easily you can spin the spinner. If it seems a tad bit difficult, or frustrating, just drop it and look for another option.

Don’t worry, there are hundreds of these in the market.

  • Price

Most of these spinners are available at such low costs that you wouldn’t think twice before making the purchase. Typically, these are in the price range of $5 – $15. However, with additional features, manufacturing, and quality, the price may go up.

  • Quality

GO for the high quality manufactured toys. These are bound to give you the least trouble and be the most lasting of the lot.

  • Material

You will find these products made from either metal, wood and even plastic. The prices and performance of each depend on the quality of materials used. You will find many of the higher end items made from titanium and copper too.

However, the most widely used and available at the most affordable costs are the plastic ones. These are available in various colors, with 3D stickers and appeal to the young kids the most. However, more than often these are the simplest of the lot.

But rest assured, even these wouldn’t just break down or not last you long.

However, we would suggest going for the metal and wooden ones (for the adults) as these are more professional in terms of looks. In fact, you may find the wooden ones to have a longer spinning cycle, and the metallic ones with a classy action.

The Abs plastic ones are quite preferred due to their durable nature too.

All these are rugged and can be used roughly as well through the day.

  • Type of Spinners

The most commonly found are the tri-spinners which have three ball bearings. However, you will also find other bi-spinners as well as those with only one ball bearing.

  • Dual Bar

These are the top-sellers and most preferred by people these days. The basic, start-up spinner, that just gets you started on these. These are so easy to use that even toddlers, people with hyper-anxiety and at different emotional states can easily use them.

Now the spinning action is dependent on the type of material, quality and especially the ball bearings. The better and high quality the EDC toys, the smoother and longer the spinner will spin.

Here are some more features of the Dual Bar:

  • These can spin both clockwise as well as anti-clockwise.
  • The speed can be varied by the user as well.
  • It has three ball bearings on the inside.
  • It gives you more flexibility and spinning options to get it to spin just the way to soothe and please your mood.
  • Best for starters to get the feel.
  • Tri-Bar

The next stage of these toys for those who wish to go up the beginner’s level are these tri-bar items. What is different about these? Here are their major characteristics:

  • These are normally available in larger sizes.
  • These have far more options and combos to use these the way you want.
  • The people who get good with spinning will love this for the combinations and options it gives for an enhanced spinning action.
  • On the downside, these are not quite easy to use.
  • These are great for concentrating and have a higher probability to keep you hooked on for a long time, so the anxiety and stress levels subside.
  • Quad Bar

The next level above the tri-bars is the quad bar. These are a level up in terms of everything. That is quality, the number of options, smooth action, etc.

Let’s have a look at what this category has that makes it different than the former two:

  • These are made from the higher quality for a better spinning action.
  • Designed for the Pros, this one gives you more action, options and combinations to try.
  • The ball bearings for one are made from the top-grade quality.
  • Usually, these are made of either wood or plastic.

You can choose from amongst the vibrant colorful, non-serious looking options and professional-looking wooden ones.

  • Ball Bearings

These toys have the ball bearings as their central point, which are sometimes ceramic, and the entire spinner, in fact, is designed around these.

Let’s have a look at the basic structure of these ball bearings.

Usually, the ball bearing just contains two rings and the ball. However simple it may seem, it is the material these are made with, the quality and even size that actually determine how well they’d perform.

You will find the bearings to be made from: 

  • Ceramic: There are bearings made from ceramic as well. The whole of the ball bearing is made from ceramic, and usually the Silicon Nitride. 
  • Steel: The most widely used material for the ball bearings is steel. The whole of the bearing including the rings is made of steel. The type of steel used depends on the manufacturer. He or she may be using carbon alloy steel, chrome steel, stainless steel, etc. 
  • Both: These are the combination of the two. The central ball is made from ceramic, whereas the rings and inner part are made of steel.
  • Plastic: Made from plastic and at times glass or nylon balls. As plastic material makes these cheaper and lighter, these may be preferred by the cheaper manufacturers. However, there will be a wide difference in the spinning action of these versus the ceramic and steel types. So it is highly not preferred for these fidget toys.

So, there you have it. These are what these toys are and once you know what these are composed of and made, you can easily pick out the one you need. To know more about these products, check out this video.

Fidget Spinners Vs. Fidget Cubes

You may also come across a fidget cube as you are searching online. Both the toys received immediate popularity once launched, but have different options. Both of these work differently although they ultimately help you relieve stress and fidgety actions.

The cubes, for one, do not spin. They do have other options you can fumble around with, but if you are more into spinning, then these are nowhere close.

How to Get the Spinner to Get Moving?

If you ever encounter difficulty in getting the spinner to work or spin as smoothly, you can always use oil, as with other kinds of bearings to make it spin as smoothly as ever.

Where to Buy The Fidget Spinners

Since these fidget toys are the latest talk of the town, you will most likely find them at all the nearby stores and on online top seller’s websites such as amazon.com and Raptor Fidget Spinners which are available at www.raptorfidgetspinners.com.

Most of these are manufactured in the USA or handmade by individuals. So, you can rest assured that you will be getting the quality level you actually pay for.

Plus, even later this year if other cheaper manufacturers do get to entrench the market, buying fidget spinners from a reliable online website (amazon.com) will help you get the top quality and best devices in the market at that time.

What Is The Need For A Fidget Spinner?

These seemingly unimportant, tiny toys can be operated with ease in your hand. These are not just fascinating for the general public but people with special conditions such as ADHD, autism, ADD, and those dealing with other forms of stress and anxiety find these rather helpful too.

Moreover, it is ideal for curbing bad habits such as nail biting, cell phone addiction, and even smoking as it gives your hands something to do and keep busy.

These are available in a number of sizes, designs and also made to suit each person just the way he or she wants.  Many of the writers, song composers, lyricists, and other experts also find these rather helpful in concentrating and brushing up their writing speed.

Moreover, if you tend to do actions that may be annoying or irritating for others such as excessive pen-clicking, fidgeting your legs, drumming your fingers on the desk or chair, you will find this to be a great distractor. Believe us, your roommates and colleagues will be noticeably nicer to you!

How effective are These Toys?

It’s not shocking if you are not excited by looking at these and reading about what they are. It may not seem a great invention or something brilliant enough to spark an interest.

However, once you’ve held it, felt its physical form, and given it a spin, you won’t be able to refrain from playing with it constantly, as it is quite addictive to say the least.

Their principle on working is that when we get stressed or anxious, we need an outlet. Somewhere we can take out all that extra energy that makes us all fidgety. Whether you are nervous, bored or just cannot stay away from nail biting, for instance, these products give you a great alternative to shed out all that’s building up inside.

Also, parents from all around the world find this to be a great option and alternative to mobile phone addiction typically amongst their adolescents. These products also let you use the free hand while you go about with the spinning. Also, just like stress balls, these are great while you go about conversing with others or conducting a show you are nervous about or face the audience.

Moreover, since it is the recent phenomenon, just as the ‘Pokémon Go’ trend, you will find instant comradeship and a bonding with others who have these spinning around in their hands.

What is The Best Fidget Spinner On Amazon?

You will find the markets will have different versions of the toys. Few may be easily distinguishable due to their type and the material used while others may seem more or less alike.

So depending on how much you are into spinning and how much you are willing to spend – you can decide upon the right product for you.

A positive element is that till date, the Chinese and cheaper versions from around the world have not entrenched the markets. So, most of the time you will find the high-quality toys whether they are made from wood or metal or even plastic for that matter.

However, in general terms, the spinner which fits your hand, is easy for you to use (depending on your level of spinning expertise) and what you need it for are key determinants for deciding upon the best spinner.

Another key element to bear in mind is the ball bearing. The central point of the spinner; it all actually depends on these small bearings. Make sure the spinner you are considering has good quality ball bearings used. Since a majority of the USA manufacturers use the ceramic or metallic bearings, you need to watch out for those being manufactured and sold by individuals.

These may have the plastic bearings, which actually make the spinner rather useless and a stressor itself instead of the stress-reliever.


So you see it’s not about the type or brand to be exact that is the most preferred here. It’s a matter of what you like and wants in your hand.

Once you hold it in your hand, however unbelievable it may seem, you wouldn’t want to let it go. So give it a try, since these are available at such low costs, it’s worth it anyway. Plus, it’s a lot better and less annoying than those ‘clickity clank’ type of fidgeters and other forms of such items.

The best part is these are silent; your colleague won’t even know about it as long as he or she doesn’t have a glance. Plus, if kids can let those tablets and phones go when given these, what more could a parent need?

Want to know more about these toys? Read on here.

Keep calm and keep spinning!

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