Triple Monitor Desk Setup


Getting a triple monitor system is not as simple as just hooking you your three monitors. One of the most important considerations besides your software and hardware is your desk. Having the right desk with the right setup to accommodate your monitors will give you a much better and pleasurable experience.

Gaming Computer Desk for Multiple Monitors

In order to use a desk for multiple monitors, you need to consider not only the size of your desk but also how strong and durable it is. You also need to consider what your budget is going to be for the desk you need.


In order to enjoy your three monitors to their max, you will need to get a desk that is big enough to accommodate them easily. The size of the desk is not only related to the length of the desk but also its witch and depth. You need to be able to accommodate not only the monitors but comfortably accommodate your keyboard, gaming mouse – see our latest gaming mouse reviews, mouse pad, and your other computer gaming paraphernalia.

So what size should you be looking at if you are considering setting up a multiple monitor workstation? That will depend largely on the type of monitors you will be using. If you are using the smaller monitors such as the 22″ to 24″ ones, you will need a width of at least 50″ and a depth of at minimum 30″. If you are going to be using larger monitors such as 32″ or more, you are going to need a larger desk.

If you do not have space for this size desk but still want to accommodate you multiple screens you can consider using a mount or clamp. This will free up space on your desk. If you do consider using the clamp style mounts and not the free-standing one, you will have to ensure that your desk is heavy or you may topple it over.

Durability, strength, and weight Your desk is going to have to bear a lot of weight if you are going to be using multiple monitors. Also look at getting a desk that does not do not have wheels, or any moving parts as you may find that they are not solid enough to bear the weight. Also if you are going to be using clamps you need something really heavy to be able to hold your monitors or if you are using a free-standing mount as well.


Gaming Computer Desk for Multiple MonitorsThe design is one of the most important aspects when choosing your gaming desk for multiple monitors. The first decision you need to make is how you are going to be using your monitors, do you want them side by side and are you going to be using a clamp mount or freestanding mount instead of standing them on your desk. If you are looking for a traditional set up you can go for a larger rectangular desk or you could go for corner desk or L shaped.


Considering you are going to be using multiple monitors you need to get a large, sturdy desk and those cost a little more than your standard single monitor desks such as the Atlantic gaming desk. Unless you are willing to shell out a little more for the more solid sturdy desk, it may cost you a lot more in the long run.

Ultimately the decision on what desk you are most comfortable with will come down to your own personal preferences. If you want three screens, how you want to set them up, vertically or horizontally and how much space you have to work with will determine what type of desk you will get.

Corner Gaming Desk

The corner gaming desks are wonderful as computer gaming desks. The reason for his is that they have a curve to them to allow you to place your three monitors side by side and still have a curve to enjoy the full immersive experience of gaming on different monitors.

Corner gaming desks also offer a lot of space to organize your gaming desk and because of the design also allows you to keep all of your gaming necessities close to hand. They also make very good work desks as you can keep all your papers on the side you require and keep the other side clean for other work.

Corner gaming desks are perfect for those of you that want to set up a system with multiple screens as it offers a lot more desk space than your normal standard rectangular desk. All in all the decision of which type of desk to get for your gaming needs depends on the space you have available and the type of setup you are looking for. It all comes down to personal preference.

Desk’s for 3 27 inch Monitors

For a desk that can accommodate three 27″ monitors, you are looking at a reasonably sized, sturdy and solid piece of furniture that can cope with the weight and size of each of the screens comfortably. Size is important here as it is no use having great monitors but no space to put your mouse or keypad. You are looking at a desk with a width of at least 55” and a depth of around 35” to accommodate them comfortably.


Having a computer desk that can handle the weight and the size of your multiple monitors. Consider whether you want to set up your monitors with mounts and clamps or stand them side by side on your desk. Ultimately your set up is personal to you, what you feel comfortable with matters when looking for the perfect desk to compliment your gaming setup.