How Do Gaming Headsets Work?

Gaming headsets work by integrating the best of both worlds from the microphone and headphone market into one sleek looking and technically advances gaming package. The gaming headset can be thought of as bridging the gap between singular components such as headphones and microphones, and releasing a far superior item through this design and combination. This lightens the load in many cases for gamers that travel, as having to untangle both a microphone and a headphone set whenever you feel like having a game or communicating with friends.

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Generally speaking, there are a few types of different headsets, but the main differential would be perhaps the interface: wired vs wireless headsets. The next factor to consider is if the units themselves are passive or active. Do they require an additional power source, perhaps in the form of a USB connection or via a DC power adapter or battery, or can the headset be plugged in directly to the headphone jack?

If this is the case, then you may have a lower rated pair of headphones that you thought. You can think of gaming headsets as being a vital piece of the hardware puzzle that makes listening and communicating in game an enjoyable and functional experience.

Gaming Headset Vs Headphones + Mic

In many respects, there are many great things to appreciate about either setup. Having a traditional head phone and mic setup may be of great benefit to somebody that is using outdated or obsolete hardware, while those with a sense of urgency and purpose have realised that the future of gaming has come to a single point of technological evolution, and that is that of the gaming headset variety of gaming components and peripherals.

The main benefit that could possibly be derived from a headphone and microphone system is the fact that if your hardware is too old to support the newer standards of technology, then you will still have an avenue to communicate with other people online. Looking cool is another big part of the equation, even if most gamers will deny this whole heartedly.

There is a reason that the slim models of headphone have been replaced with bigger and better headsets, and that reason has a lot to do with aesthetics. There are massive options out there for anybody that is in the market for a new gaming headset, with there being multitudes of different colours, shapes and applications for each one that add slightly different layers of functionality the unit as a whole.

Difference Between Gaming Headset And Normal Headset

The main difference here has a lot to do with the sound quality that is being recorded or rendered through it. A headset normally has some form of rudimentary amplifier which boosts both the sound volume as well as the bass responsiveness. This means that users are more likely to get a full quality headset experience that is more similar to a home entertainment system than a plain old pair of passive headphones. Headsets will use power to generate the volume that you hear as well, meaning that there is more punch in the mix and will really beef up the listening experience of your gaming sound.

But that is not to say that you will be limited to just playing games with a decent headset, but rather it creates a platform for gamers to enjoy movies, music and other multimedia experiences such as audio recording, monitoring, mixing and mastering. The functionality that a quality headset unit provides to users is varied, meaning that anyone that looks to buy such a device will be greatly rewarded with audio playback and sound quality that would have traditionally been reserved for very expensive products.

Our review has taken that stereotype and flipped it on its head, showing that great audio quality and comfortable headsets can be purchased for under $100 USD. Another key difference between headsets for gamers and normal headphones is the size. Headphones are generally smaller devices that have been designed to be as lightweight and inexpensive as possible, offering smaller size and lower volumes to the listener.

This is counteracted by the fact that the headphones are inserted deep into the ear of the user, allowing for the listener to enjoy a perceived boost in volume. Headsets are designed to be loud, on the other hand, and as such they are able to reproduce sound with crystal clarity, as well as provide users with decent bass and excellent overall quality sound for them to enjoy.

Are Gaming Headsets Worth It

Gaming headsets are definitely worth buying, and if you are a consumer of any media or other electronic art forms such as movies, music and TV Shows. Once you have used a standalone headset solution for communicating with your friends, family and team mates then you will certainly see the benefits of such a purchase. The price difference between headphones, earphones ad headsets are so close that the age old argument that the cost savings are the main reason why players would prefer to buy a pair of headphones as opposed to buying a headset are patently misguided and false in today’s market.

Having a wireless headset is by far one of the most comfortable solutions that are out there, and having the personal freedom to do whatever you like with them, whether it be cleaning, cooking, doing your homework, or whatever you prefer, allowing you to exercise your freefom while remain productive and entertained.

We went ahead and tested out sub $100 gaming headsets, and it looks like we did a sterling job in getting all the right products at the right process for you to look at. Very few people will buy a headset specifically for gaming and communicating with friends and family and then discover that they are disappointed with the solution. It is for all of these reasons that we recommend that you get out there and try as many different headsets as you can