Atlantic Gaming Desk Review


Gaming, you spend a lot of time doing it. You have the best gaming chair, the monitor, the speakers, and the best gaming computer. You should have the best gaming desk that can accommodate all of your gaming equipment and allow you to sit comfortably and play, be it for a few hours or long marathon sessions.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

Atlantic Gaiming DeskAtlantic are renowned for their gaming desks and the Atlantic gaming desk pro is by far the most well-known, and most used desk on the market for gaming today. So what makes this desk so sought after, what qualities make it perfect for the hard-core gamer and a must have for any gaming enthusiast? At first glance, this might seem like any other gaming desk, and in many ways, it is, however, one of the best features of this desk is the fact that it will allow for up to two monitors.

There is an elevated stand at the back that can hold up to a size 32″ screen and then you can put a normal 27″ screen on the desk surface itself. This is a great plus and one of its best features. Then the desktop itself is curved. This is important as you will be comfortable sitting for hours close up to your displays.

The storage facilities on the desk allow for all of your gaming accessories such as your speakers which fit into the speaker trays on the side, it offers two controller hooks, headphone holder, and game storage drawer which can hold up to 10 CDs.

It also offers a charging stand for your iPod or iPad, as well as a cup holder which is not readily available on other similar desks. The aesthetics of the desk are also great, it is sleek and modern and looks light and clean. It is extremely tough with a charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated top and strong steel legs.

Strong enough to cope with two monitors and a host of gaming equipment without buckling. The Atlantic gaming desk pro also offers great wire-management options as well as a rear power-strip holder. All of this and a very reasonable price, it is no wonder that this is the gaming desk of choice on the market for 2020.

Atlantic Gaming desk vs Pro

Trying to decide between the Atlantic gaming desk and the Atlantic gaming desk pro, or do you have the gaming desk and want to know if you need to upgrade? The Atlantic gaming desk is one of the most recognizable on the market, it is not specifically designed for any particular machine and makes a great office chair at the same time.

Finished with a silver metallic steel and carbon fiber top, it is a striking desk that looks great and is extremely functional. If offers non-marring feet, cable management, charging station, speaker trays, storage drawer and a table-top reinforcement bar. It also has a monitor stand, controller hooks, headphone hook and cup holder.

Not to mention wire management, trim plates, and a rear power-strip holder as well as a game storage rack. So what makes the Atlantic gaming pro a good upgrade from this seemingly perfect gaming desk with its host of great features?

First and most importantly, the Atlantic gaming desk pro offers space for not one monitor but two. It can also accommodate a 32” monitor as opposed to the standard desk that can only accommodate one 27” monitor.

If you are looking at the other features that are upgraded on the Atlantic pro, you will notice that it can hold up to 10 CD’s as opposed to 5, it also offers a charging stand for your tablet so you can change seamlessly between computer and tablet when working. The front of the desk is curved for more comfortable up close gaming than what you get with the standard desk.

For organization the Atlantic gaming desk pro comes in first place, it provides you with compartments to cater for your cabled and cords and then there is the extra shelf for another display.
These may seem like insignificant differences and in many ways they are, but the fact that you can use a 32” monitor and a standard 27” monitor is the defining difference between these two great desks.

Computer Desks for Gamers

Computer Desks for GamersSo you have the perfect gaming desktop with the perfect monitor, now you need the perfect desk to set up your system on. The computer gaming desk is one of the most underrated and overlooked aspects of your gaming set-up and deserves a lot more consideration than what it gets. When considering what desk you need you will consider the space you have available for your gaming desk.

Organisation is the key when you consider your gaming desk. Being able to organize your cables and wires, and being able to accommodate all of your needs such as multiple gaming monitors, your tower, speakers, headphones and CDs. Computer gamers need something that they can sit at for many hours playing to their heart’s content. So a comfortable design is also a high priority.

Gamers play for long periods, so being able to eat and drink at your desk without fear of spilling and damaging some of your equipment is also a consideration. Look for something that has cup holders to avoid that spillage while playing. Being able to charge your other equipment easily and have them close to hand, but not in the way, such as your tablet or phone is also important.

Finally you need to look at strength and stability and of course, aesthetics also play a role in your decision. If you look at all these aspects and combine them into one great desk you will consider something like the Atlantic gaming desk pro, or the Atlantic gaming desk. Space, stability and style, these are the qualities you look for in a computer desk, and what you get with desks such as the Atlantic computer gaming desks.

Atlantic Gaming desk Dimensions

The Atlantic gaming desk dimensions are as follows:

Monitor Shelf Dimensions:

  • Length is 15.5″
  • Width is 7″
  • Height 6.25″ From the Desktop.

Desk Dimensions:

  • Length is 40″
  • width is 23.5″
  • Height is 29.5″ From the Floor.
  • Weight: 37.40lbs


Gaming desks, although often not given enough credit, add to the pleasure of your gaming experience and are as important as the chair you sit in and the rig you play on. If you are uncomfortable at your desk, or if your desk cannot accommodate all your equipment, you will not have a happy gaming session.